Sultan Horaib ’15

Sultan Horaib 15 | Saudi Arabia

Why Thunderbird?

“After graduating from Western Michigan University, I went back to Saudi Arabia to pursue a career in the banking industry. However, my long-term goal is to start a nonprofit organization for the less fortunate and less able in Saudi Arabia, primarily focusing on the physically disabled. With this goal in mind, my minor in international business, my passion for discovering new cultures and traveling, and my new-found interest in international development, Thunderbird was the perfect fit.”

More about Sultan…

Languages spoken -
English, Arabic

Academic background - 
Bachelor of Business Administration – Western Michigan University

Professional background -
Relationship Manager - Financial Institutions, Bank Albilad, Saudi Arabia

Personal notes -
Immigrated to the United States as a child; travels extensively  

What unique aspects of Thunderbird attracted you most?

“The truly diversified student body, in regards to culture and professional background was very attractive to me. The true sense of internationalism the school delivers, and the reach it has through the programs and students is outstanding.”

How will Thunderbird position you to achieve your goals?

As mentioned, I would like to start a nonprofit organization in Saudi Arabia to help those less fortunate. Primarily start by raising social awareness, while working with the government to make Saudi Arabia a more suitable place, in terms of infrastructure and facilities, for the less able. Thunderbird will help me develop my entrepreneurial, government-relations and cross-cultural skills to achieve these goals.