Jade Tantidilokkul ’13

Jade Tantidilokkul ’13

Why Thunderbird?

 “I came to Thunderbird because of its long-established reputation as the best school in international business. Thunderbird’s focus on providing learning opportunities in settings beyond the classroom – from experiential learning, interim courses and client projects – really appealed to me. As a student, Thunderbird has prepared and equipped me well with critical knowledge and experiences, coupled with the business acumen, management and leadership skills that I need to achieve my career goals. I know that I will be ready to face any challenges in the real business world when I graduate from Thunderbird. Plus, Thunderbird has a strong and tightly bonded alumni network around the world that will benefit me greatly in my career.”

More about Jade…

Languages spoken -
Thai, English, Mandarin Chinese

Academic background - 
global management & finance

Professional background -
internal consultant, strategic planning and development for international insurance company

What do you like about student life?

“The large numbers of student-led activities on Thunderbird’s campus are of great interest to me. I wanted a school where I not only would experience academic excellence, but where I could get involved. I’ve been able to participate in many clubs, events and activities, as well as serve as a Campus Ambassador, President of the school’s MBA Women International group and Treasurer & Consulting Projects Chair of the Thunderbird Management Consulting Association.”

What makes Thunderbird unique?

“One of the most unique things about Thunderbird is the diversity of the student body. Thunderbird feels like a mini-United Nations where I can meet people from all over the world, overhear them talk in different languages and immerse myself in multi-cultural settings. People who come to Thunderbird have had lots of global experiences, are comfortable working with people from different cultures and are eager to explore something new and embrace cultural diversity.”