Christine Moore ’14

Christine Moore ’14

Why Thunderbird?

“Having recently served three years in the U.S. Peace Corps in Macedonia, my goal is to secure a career in international development. What attracted me to Thunderbird was the number of alumni I met in careers which I wanted to pursue. Every T-bird I met highly recommended Thunderbird as the next step for me in pursuing a career in international development.”  


More about Christine…

Languages spoken -
English, Macedonian (conversational)

Academic background - 
BA in English Literature - California State University Long Beach

Entrepreneur -
in-home tutoring and home school business

Triathelete -
longest race a half-ironman

What makes T-birds unique?

“Moving or traveling to a different region, a different country, or different continent does not intimidate a Thunderbird. We are ready to go wherever there is a need to get the job done. Furthermore, we explore and embrace diversity at all levels.” 


How is Thunderbird preparing
you for your career?

“Thunderbird is giving me firsthand knowledge of the global political economy throughout the world. Learning about the current state of global affairs, along with the recent history, will make me a discerning global manager in the future. The classroom affords my classmates and me a safe environment in which to discuss and explore these topics with people from all over the globe. Often, we find that these theories become reality when our fellow classmates have been directly affected by these topics in their home regions. This is why Thunderbird is such a unique global experience.”