Barry King ’14

Barry King ’14

Why Thunderbird?

“The enviable reputation of Thunderbird as the undisputed world leader in top-in-class international business education, and the uniquely rich and cohesive graduates-only community, attracted me to Thunderbird. I was also intrigued by the opportunity to have firsthand interactions with the entire world even beyond the classroom. At Thunderbird, you receive a highly competitive and well-rounded business education that enables you to seek viable success globally.”

More about Barry…

Languages spoken -
English, Ewe, Akan, Ga, basic Swahili and learning Spanish & French

Academic background - 
BA in Psychology & Information Studies – University of Ghana, Legon

Professional background -
Learning and Development Manager, Ecobank Ghana Limited


What is unique about Thunderbird’s global curriculum?

“As a student I’ve found that Thunderbird fills your every brain cell with the world. Every part of the world is reflected in the classroom, and you learn to lead by understanding “what works where, when, why and how” from a regional perspective. You are certain to learn something new about different parts of the world – and, in addition, you are assured of meeting someone (staff, faculty, student or alum) who has experienced those cultures firsthand and is ready to share details with you. The next generation of leaders must be excellent in functioning effectively anywhere, everywhere and anytime in the world. In that respect, Thunderbird has led and continues to lead the way.”


How is Thunderbird preparing you for success?

“My background is in commercial banking, human resources, electronic product sales and support, and retail business development – but my goal is to switch careers to sports business, with a focus on global business development in brands management. Throughout my professional life, I have maximized all avenues and opportunities to exploit my passion for sports in diverse ways, but I have always lacked the business acumen and management expertise to pursue my dreams in sports business. At Thunderbird, all of my transferrable skills are being strategically honed, together with new core skills, in an international context for my new industry. I am certain Thunderbird is giving me the best platform to transform my career.”