Student Government & Clubs

Student life at Thunderbird is built around social, professional and cultural activities – many of which are organized and hosted by students themselves. Through involvement with Thunderbird Student Government and a wide range of student clubs, T-birds bring the spirit of cultural unity and global citizenship to life on campus.

Student clubs

There are more than 60 professional, regional and social clubs that actively contribute to Thunderbird’s intellectual and cross-cultural environment. In the past, these have included:

Professional clubs

  • Business Improvisation Club
  • Global Supply Chain Club
  • HR Club - Thunderbird SHRM Student Chapter
  • Women International
  • Net Impact
  • Private Equity Venture Capital (PEVC) Club
  • Technology Business Club
  • TEDxThunderbird Club
  • ThunderBankers
  • Thunderbird Emerging Markets Business Association (TEMBA)
  • Thunderbird Entrepreneurship Network (TEN)
  • Thunderbird Finance Association (TFA)
  • Thunderbird Global Investment Group
  • Thunderbird Management Consulting Association
  • Thunderbird Marketing Association (TMA)
  • Thunderbird Project Management Club 
  • Thunderbird Toastmaster Leadership Communication Club

Regional clubs

  • Africa Business Club
  • China Entrepreneurship Network
  • European Business and Culture Club
  • Greater China Club
  • Indian Subcontinent Club (ISCC)
  • Japan Club
  • Korea Club
  • Latin American Business and Culture Club (LABCC)
  • Middle East North Africa Club (MENA)
  • Taiwan Club

Special interest clubs

  • Get Outta Glendale Organization (GOGOs)
  • Global Sounds
  • GLOBE (Gay & Lesbian Student Organization)
  • International Women and Family Club (IWFC)/ThunderKids
  • Shutter Club 
  • ThunderDance
  • Wine Club

Sports clubs

  • Global Table Tennis Club
  • Outdoor Adventures Club
  • Thunderbird Cricket Club
  • Thunderbird Football Club (soccer)
  • Thunderbird Golf Club 
  • Thunderbird Rugby Club
  • Thunderbird Tennis Club
  • ThunderDance Club
  • ThunderRunning Club
  • Volleyball Club

Thunderbird Student Government (TSG)

Thunderbird’s active student government takes the lead in communicating news, activities and events around campus, while motivating students, faculty and staff to get involved. All students are encouraged to get involved with student government activities while on campus, and play an active role in:

  • Academic matters
  • Career issues
  • Institutional activities
  • Marketing activities
  • Social events


Thunderbird Regional Nights 

Throughout the year, Thunderbird regional clubs treat fellow students, faculty, visiting professors and prospective students to “Thunderbird Regional Nights” – energetic, creative events that feature the food, drink, fashion, culture and entertainment from a particular region of the world. These events are among the highlights of the student experience at Thunderbird and broaden cultural perspectives through social engagement.