Raouf Chebri ’14


Why Thunderbird?

“My goal is to combine technology and education to help Algerians get access to better education. I cannot do this on my own – I would need to open my own company to achieve this. With an MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird, I will understand more about international markets and other cultures and, most importantly, I will benefit from others’ best practices to replicate them in Algeria. American, Scandinavian, German and Japanese educational techniques and methodologies are fascinating. Thunderbird will without a doubt provide me with the network to understand how education is performed in other similar or more mature markets.”

More about Raouf…

Languages spoken -
French, Arabic and Algerian dialect (mixture between Arabic and French)

Academic background - 
Engineer in Computer Science – Algerian University of Computer Science

Professional background -
Worked as a software developer at LVSC Mediterranean and as a development evangelist at Microsoft

Personal note -

Recipient of Thunderbird’s SHARE Fellowship   

How did you learn about Thunderbird

“I had the opportunity to collaborate with a professor from Thunderbird in Ouargla, Algeria, where she was helping professors and other universities with developing better business courses. At that time, I wanted to pursue an MBA but wasn’t sure about which school to choose. After knowing about my intention, the professor highly encouraged me to apply to Thunderbird; however, I still needed to take the GMAT test. The only problem was I had no access to GMAT books nor exam centers in Algeria. Thunderbird’s Admissions team heard about that and sent me a GMAT book to help me prepare for the test. I was really grateful and immediately knew I wanted to study at Thunderbird!”

What do you believe Thunderbird offers you that other programs/schools do not?

Thunderbird offered me a sense of belonging even before being officially admitted, but Thunderbird’s biggest value is its people. On campus, you meet students and professors from different parts of the world with incredible experience and stories. For example, a Chinese classmate worked in Columbia for four years and learned Spanish. Another American classmate went to Tanzania to climb the Kilimanjaro at the age of 16 and visited more than 20 other countries. Thunderbird is full of very talented globetotters who want to make sustainable prosperity worldwide. Plus, Thunderbird’s SHARE Fellowship and mentorship were invaluable to me.