Mokay Kamara ’15


Why is Thunderbird a good fit for you?

“I was attracted to Thunderbird because, after my first visit to the school, I said to myself, ‘If I were to create a business school, this is what it would look like.’ I said this because the school reflected my innate love and curiosity for understanding other cultures and the world at large. The school focuses on using business for the very reason it was created: to bring value to people’s lives, a long way from the extreme capitalistic nature of some of today’s industries. After coming to campus I knew this school would be part of my destiny.”

More about Mokay…

Languages spoken -
Krio, English

Academic background - 
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry – University of Manchester

Professional background -
General Manager of Hotel Barmoi, Freetown, Sierra Leone; previously Pharmaceutical Sales Associate, Eli Lilly & Co.  

What does Thunderbird offer students that other schools do not?

“Thunderbird offers exposure to people who genuinely want to understand how our ever-changing world is working; economically, socially and politically. So instead of just studying globalization as a spectator, T-birds are in training to become the propellers of change that is required for true global prosperity to be realized. The school also offers a complete cross-section view of the business world and, consequently, a deeper dissection of our global society than most other business schools.”

How will Thunderbird prepare you for your future career?

Thunderbird is giving me global exposure and equipping me with specific skillsets. I plan to build on this straight after graduation by gaining employment with an established organization that operates in the emerging markets. My long-term goal is to return to Sierra Leone and work as a social entrepreneur, hopefully contributing to the development and rebuilding that is taking place in my home country and the rest of Africa.