Fiona Teerlink '14


Why Thunderbird?

“Thunderbird offers a very unique set of opportunities for students with a global mindset. The global focus of classes is enhanced by the many different nationalities represented on campus, which provides an incredible way to learn about and experience different cultures. In addition, Thunderbird offers extensive interim courses, in which students may visit other countries to experience local cultures and business practices.”

More about Fiona…

Languages spoken -
Dutch, English and German

Academic background - 
Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Performance – Queen Margaret University

Studied film & business – New York University

Professional background - 
Currently Chief Executive and Producer of Moving Lights Theatre Company; previously, interned with the Edinburgh International Festival’s Sponsorship and Development Department and with The Law Firm of Rosalind Lichter, New York City 

Personal notes -
Has written, directed and produced numerous musicals for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, as well as four short films while studying abroad in New York City

How did you learn about Thunderbird and decide it was a good fit for you?

“During a study abroad in New York, I met a Thunderbird representative at an MBA fair, where I found out about Thunderbird’s MS in Global Management. I visited the campus during Preview Weekend in November 2012 and was particularly amazed by the Thunderbird students and staff. Everyone was extremely friendly and I felt like a part of the Thunderbird community right away, even before I had been accepted! More information about the curriculum and staff then drew me to the school even more.”

How will Thunderbird help you achieve your personal goals?

“To me, Thunderbird is so special because it will allow me to become the person I want to be: someone who can guide people, no matter where they are from or where they are based, to be the best team they possibly can be and to make the most of international relationships. After all, we can’t make our world a better place all by ourselves. We have to do so together.”