David Stott '15


Why Thunderbird?

“I was attracted to Thunderbird because I knew it would afford me the opportunity to work and interact with highly intelligent and diversified students. Thunderbird has an excellent reputation and group of professors. I knew Thunderbird would act as a catalyst to help me achieve my goals and amplify my personal philosophy to positively impact the lives of others. All in all, I believe Thunderbird will offer me opportunities to expand my talents as a leader, inspire and motivate others, and achieve extraordinary results.”

More about David…

Languages spoken -
English, Spanish, English Sign Language (conversant) and Portuguese (basic)

Academic background - 
BA - International Relations (minor in Business Management), Brigham Young University

Professional background - 
Most recently worked in Neuroscience Pharmaceutical Sales for Eli Lilly, previously as Export Analyst for Agri Beef Co. and Compliance Associate for BYU’s Office of Compliance and Audit 

Personal notes -
Father of two; married to “the most beautiful woman on the planet;” avid traveler, rock climber and mountain biker; landscape oil artist; enjoys playing basketball, golf and tennis

Why is a global management education from Thunderbird important?

“The reality is organizations function on a global level, and success can be amplified by the way a business influences the world. Thunderbird supplies a unique understanding of how businesses interact globally and also provides opportunities to network with like-minded individuals from around the world. I believe only a Thunderbird education – with its cross-enterprise courses, unique delivery model and global study opportunities – can effectively enhance my leadership and strategic thinking skills, while making me more self-aware and helping me quickly adapt to new challenges on a global level.”

How does Thunderbird’s mission fit with yours?

“Jackie Robinson once said, ‘A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.’ I think most people intuitively understand how important it is to impact others positively, but consistently doing so is a challenge. Regardless of what career I pursue, I will positively impact the world and improve the lives of those around me, no matter their social or economic status. Thunderbird’s mission is directly aligned with my own and is the primary reason I quickly zeroed in on Thunderbird. The school’s emphasis on promoting international sustainability is exactly what will endow me with the tools to positively impact many lives.”

What are your career goals and how will your Thunderbird education help you achieve them?

“My primary short-term goal is to work in a brand management position in the health care industry. I understand that there are many organizations that provide their customers with exceptional value, yet companies in the health care industry go beyond providing value by substantially influencing and changing customers’ lives. I will be a integral part of that effort. My long-term goal is to become a General Manager in Latin America. Thunderbird will broaden my base of knowledge and enable me to better understand the world’s complex, social, and integrated business environment. Beyond Thunderbird’s exceptional education, the interactions I have with seasoned professors and dynamic students will provide learning and career opportunities for years to come.”