Barry Nyaundi Nyauke ’13

Barry Nyaundi Nyauke ’13

More about Barry…

Languages spoken -
Kenya, English & Kiswahili

Professional background - 
Retail audit tracker for Nielsen Company’s Coca-Cola sales in their Central, East and West African business units

Academic background - 
Colgate University

SHARE scholarship recipient 

Why Thunderbird?

“Thunderbird’s forte in international business was undoubtedly my primary attraction. However, my interaction with faculty and alumni only gave impetus to my desire to join this scholarly and professional community that, like me, took Sub-Saharan Africa seriously as a business destination. My aspiration is to be a change agent in Sub-Saharan Africa, and I plan to use the analytical and cross-cultural communication skills that I have sharpened at Thunderbird to be a catalyst in a region that has all the ingredients and conditions necessary to experience the next economic growth miracle.”


How will being a member of the Thunderbird community drive your career?

“Thunderbird’s positioning as the leading school in international business makes it a prime location for recruiters looking for globally minded individuals who not only have the technical skills and experience to succeed in a professional setting, but also understand the nuances of doing business in different international environments. In addition, Thunderbird’s alumni network is a key distinguishing feature. The richness of the alumni’s experiences and the depth and breadth of their connections make them an invaluable professional resource for all T-birds.”