Anela Perviz '14

Anela Pervis '14

Why Thunderbird?

“I would like to pursue a career in brand management, focusing in on the European market. Business is all about staying on top of the latest trends and developments in markets worldwide. Through Thunderbird’s classroom education, as well as the foreign study opportunities, I will be prepared to take on any hurdles and capitalize on all opportunities I come across during my career. The rigorous career management offered by Thunderbird from day one also ensures that I am taking all of the steps necessary to realize my goals. For a career in an ever-changing world, Thunderbird offers all the tools necessary to build lifelong success.”

More about Anela…

Languages spoken -
Serbo-Croatian, English

Academic background - 
Bachelor’s in Management and International Business – W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

Personal notes -
Immigrated to the United States as a child; travels extensively

What do you believe Thunderbird offers you that other programs/schools do not?

“From the time a student is accepted to Thunderbird, a unique spirit is born. There is a true sense of internationalism both in the curriculum and the student body. The opportunities to travel and network cannot be surpassed by other institutions. Learning in a diverse environment prepares one for a diverse world, and Thunderbird does so in every sense.”

What initially attracted you to Thunderbird?

“Thunderbird’s top ranking and quality of education attracted me to the school. One look at the alumni and a clear picture is painted of the success of Thunderbird’s programs. The school is truly one of a kind within graduate business education and offers experiences for globally minded future leaders that cannot be found anywhere else.”