Student Experience

Why Thunderbird?

Current students talk about what brought them to Thunderbird…

Yamini Sherviz ’15 Yamini Sharma ’15

“Thunderbird’s special focus on international management with a diversified student…  more »
  Tion Barnaby ’15 Tion Barnaby ’15

“Thunderbird inspired me to think outside of my comfort zone…  more »
Robert Sutton ’16 Robert Sutton ’16
United States

“I live in Serbia, working at the US Embassy in Belgrade, so…  more »
  Ksenia Klugkist ’16 Ksenia Klugkist ’16

I want to continue my growth and accomplish a life goal…  more »
Ana Carrillo-Noriega ’15 Ana Carrillo-Noriega ’15

Thunderbird is globally renowned for developing and strengthening its students’…  more »
  Mohamed Vall ’15 Mohamed Vall ’15

“I immediately felt this was the school I was looking for, the school that will prepare me …  more »
Carlos Melendez ’15 Carlos Melendez ’15

Thunderbird really examines all these cultures in depth and teaches you to connect with them…  more »
Alina Buzgar ’15 Alina Buzgar ’15

I realized that I would experience more than “just” attending classes and adding to my résumé…  more »
Abdul Ghani Popal ’15 Abdul Ghani Popal ’15

The international aspect and the global focus of both Thunderbird’s academic curriculum…  more »