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Why Thunderbird?
Current students talk about what brought them to Thunderbird...

Anela Pervis ’14 Anela Perviz ’14
Bosnia & Herzegovina

"Through Thunderbird’s classroom education, as well as the foreign study opportunities...  more »
  David Stott ’15 David Stott ’15
United States

"I was attracted to Thunderbird because I knew it would afford me the opportunity to work...  more »
Fiona Teerlink '14 Fiona Teerlink '14
The Netherlands

"Thunderbird offers a very unique set of opportunities for students with a global mindset...  more »
  Raouf Chebri ’14 Raouf Chebri ’14

"Thunderbird will without a doubt provide me with the network to understand...  more »
Mokay Kamara ’15 Mokay Kamara ’15
Sierra Leone

Thunderbird is giving me global exposure and equipping me with specific...  more »
  Shani Bird ’15 Shani Bird ’15

“Thunderbird stood out to me because of its emphasis on fostering a diverse...  more »
Sylvia Chimhina '15 Sylvia Chimhina ’15
Zimbabwe - USA

I was impressed by Thunderbird’s track record as a leader in global management education...  more »
Sultan Horaib 15 Sultan Horaib ’15
Saudi Arabia

The truly diversified student body, in regards to culture and professional background...  more »

Shelby Hughes '15 Shelby Hughes ’15
United States

Thunderbird is unique in that it offers students a hands-on, global learning experience...  more »

  Jean-Christophe Debarge '15 Jean-Christophe Debarge '15

“The quality and reliability of the school’s alumni network, and the flexible distance-learning...  more »

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