To be a successful global manager, you need to observe the world’s best businesses and business professionals at work in their natural environments. Through conversations with global business leaders, visits to multinational corporations or embassies, observing cross-cultural business negotiations and business presentations, you become familiar with the regulatory, political, economic and cultural climates in which business is conducted in different world regions. You learn to analyze the risk and negotiate the challenges of doing business abroad. And you begin building global professional networks before you graduate. Class sizes for these on-site courses range from 15-50. Applications and faculty acceptance are required for these very competitive courses.

Sample Courses Include:

South Africa—An Emerging Market

Students will be provided with a richer understanding and an appreciation of the South African business environment in the contexts of the southern African sub–region, the African continent, and the global economy. Seminar participants will have a close–up encounter with the challenges and complexities of “development” in an underdeveloped setting and the challenges that managers, expatriates, firms, consultants, and organizations routinely face in the rapidly evolving and complex RSA market/society.

Middle East (Dubai)—Challenges in Emerging Middle Eastern Economic Centers

This course explores the operational challenges of being a “Middle Eastern” country, and what influences are being exerted on this westernized society. Program content focuses on applied knowledge that will help prepare students to manage businesses and mediate the risks of functioning in this growing market and region.

Europe (Hungary/Slovenia)—Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies

This course focuses on entrepreneurship and new venture creation in transition economies, in particular doing business and business opportunities in Hungary and Slovenia. Students will have seminars from faculty members at the Budapest University of Economics and the University of Ljubljana, executives and managers of business organizations from various industrial sections, government officials of the two countries, and capital providers in each country.

Asia (Singapore/Shanghai/Beijing)—Overcoming Operational Challenges in Emerging Asian Economic Centers

Participants will travel to Singapore, Shanghai, and Beijing to explore operational challenges in these dynamic Asian economic centers. Program content will focus on applied knowledge that will help prepare students to manage in these growing markets.

Europe (London)—Managing Global Financial Markets

The course, which meets in the Board room of major financial institutions, is intended to provide a broad and insightful overview of the myriad of contemporary issues facing financial executives and leaders (corporate, commercial, and investment banking) in one of today’s most important global marketplace.

U.S.A. (New York)—Global Brand Management

This program explores the brand management function as presented by top marketing executives from a variety of global companies across a wide range of industries. The course explores the role of marketing in general, and that of the brand manager (or managers with brand–related responsibilities), in the context of each company’s business strategy, with a specific focus on marketing and brand strategy development, brand plan development and execution, and program evaluation.

Central America (Costa Rica)—Sustainable Business Development

This is a Thunderbird collaborative program offered in conjunction with INCAE, the leading Latin American business school, at their beautiful campus in Alajuela, Costa Rica. This distinctive program provides participants with a solid understanding of the issues surrounding sustainable development with special emphasis on how it is being implemented in Latin America. Participants will gain an understanding of the major issues and strategic approaches for integrating sustainability concerns into business planning.

Europe (Switzerland)—Marketing in Switzerland

Students will be exposed to a multilingual and multicultural market situation across multiple industries. Through the excellent business contacts of the professor, a Swiss citizen who lived in Switzerland for almost his entire life and contacts through Thunderbird alumni in Switzerland, students learn about more than 20 companies in two weeks. While the program is packed with business meetings, the students will also spend two days in the Swiss Alps, enjoying the spectacular scenery of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau in Grindelwald.

Middle East (Jordan)—Global Business Development

This seminar will provide participants a richer understanding and appreciation of the Jordanian business environment in the contexts of the Middle Eastern region and the role of developing nations in the global economy. Participants will also gain understanding of Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries for business and investment opportunities. Students work with small businesses in a consulting capacity and learn about the challenges and complexities of business development in a less developed environment.

U.S.A. (New York)—Global & Financial Markets

The course is the equivalent of the London financial market course, but from the perspective of Wall Street. It provides a broad and insightful overview of the myriad of contemporary issues facing financial executives and leaders (corporate, commercial, and investment banking) in one of today’s most important global marketplaces.