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To drive success in today’s dynamic global environment, you need more than traditional management skills. You need a global mindset, skillset and point of view. For 70 years, Thunderbird has focused exclusively on educating global leaders in the intricacies of international management. That’s because all we do, all we are, is global. View our rankings

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There’s something different about the students who choose Thunderbird. A different kind of passion. A different kind of purpose. They are the caliber of leaders businesses want and the world needs. Join this exclusive community today.

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For 70 years, Thunderbird has been a consistently top-ranked school in international business. That’s because we didn’t just add a global element to our degree programs, we built our entire school around it. Get the world’s most global business education at the world’s most global business school.

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At Thunderbird, you don’t just learn global business. You live it. Long before graduation, you can put the skills and theories taught in our classrooms into hands-on, real-world practice in locations around the globe. It’s experiential learning with exponential impact.

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