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The Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory (TEM Lab) is a six-week, full-time class guided by Thunderbird faculty. Teams of Thunderbird student consultants work with clients on-location to solve a specific business problem. During the engagement, consulting teams deliver on objectives defined in a contract between themselves and the client. Teams are also responsible for the academic expectations of Thunderbird.

The goals of TEM Lab are:

1. Create a learning laboratory for Thunderbird students in a real-world, emerging market context
2. Create value for the client organization
3. Transfer knowledge and skills that will build social and economic infrastructure in the host country

TEM Lab targets areas with high growth potential in the emerging markets of Latin America, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, and Asia because they account for 80 percent of the world’s population and are experiencing significant social and economic infrastructure changes. Growth in these areas is very dynamic. This is where talented executives will be in demand in the foreseeable future and employers will need people who are already experienced in the milieu. Also, the learning curve for both students and host organizations is steeper in growing foreign markets than in more stable, developed markets where Thunderbird students are already familiar with the culture and business practices.

Student development and project evaluation will be based on an action plan developed by each student team and their host organization, in close consultation with the faculty, as part of the project preparation process. These action plans will illustrate measurable goals specifically tailored to the project, host organization, and larger societal characteristics within the area of their service. The comprehensive nature of these methods of evaluation will ensure that the program is responsive to student development, the needs of host organizations, and the overall goals of Thunderbird as an institution of graduate global management education.

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