Terms & Conditions (Online Post-MBA)


Tuition for the Fall 2014 Online Post MBA Master of Global Management program is $46,865 (USD). Amounts are based on a per credit price. Actual term payment amounts may vary based on schedule and electives.

Tuition includes:

  • Tuition for all 30 credit-hours. 
  • Course materials (textbooks, readings and case studies) for all courses. 
  • On-site costs (single-occupancy hotel room, meals and activities) on Thunderbird’s campus for orientation and graduation. Airfare is not included. 
  • On-site costs during two international study trips (double-occupancy hotel room, some meals, corporate visits and cultural activities). Airfare is not included. 
  • Graduation regalia attire.

Course materials are delivered before the start of each term, allowing you time to prepare for classes while meeting your personal obligations. 

Your first tuition payment is required upon acceptance of admission in order to reserve a space in the class. This amount is non-refundable and non-transferable.

You are required to maintain Internet connections throughout the program’s duration. Fees for Internet connection, computer equipment and computer software are your responsibility.

Example Payment Schedule (for August 2014 start)

Due Date Amounts
Payment due upon admission into the program $1,200 (applied to Term 1)
Term 1 $10,240
Term 2 $9,890
Term 3 $8,340
Term 4 $7,805
Term 5 $9,390


Tuition payment plan policies

  • All payments must be in US dollars. No refunds will be made.  
  • The non-refundable, non-transferable tuition payment (due upon acceptance of admission) is required in order to prepare for the orientation week at Thunderbird. This is considered part of your total tuition. Late payments may cause additional costs or deferment of admission. 
  • Payments falling on a weekend or holiday will be processed the next business day. 
  • Students who fail to make a payment on time are considered delinquent in their payments. Students whose payments are delinquent for two consecutive months can be removed from the program. Transcripts and diploma will be withheld until all due payments are made. 
  • Required computer, software, and Internet connection costs are not included in tuition fees.


Acceptable forms of payment

Tuition and fee payments may be made by:

  • Money order 
  • Personal check or cashier’s/bank check 
  • e-check or ACH from a student’s U.S. bank account via Access Thunderbird 
  • Wire transfers (fees may apply) 
  • MasterCard, Discover, American Expressand Visa credit cards via Access Thunderbird* 

All checks must be in U.S. funds and made payable to Thunderbird. Electronic transfers will be posted to student accounts. Thunderbird cannot accept cash payments. For information about payment methods, please contact Thunderbird’s Bursar’s Office at +1 602 978-7140.

*Credit card companies charge per transaction. Students paying by credit card via Access Thunderbird will incur this processing fee. This fee is approximately 2.5% of the total charge, with a minimum processing fee of $3.95/transaction. While students are welcome to make payment by credit card, Thunderbird encourages students to consider alternative payment options to avoid the processing fees.