Global MBA LatAm

  • This course covers the application of accounting models to the measurement of assets, liabilities and stockholders' equity. Topics covered include marketable securities, receivable and inventory valuation, fixed and intangible assets, bonds, leases, dividends, stock buybacks, stock splits and foreign currency translation. The emphasis of the course is on the evaluation of corporate financial reporting policy and the usefulness of financial reports for decision making. U.S. and international accounting standards are covered.

  • This course covers the process of creating and using accounting information for long- and short-run decision making. Topics include cost allocations and their uses, cost behavior, relevant costs, and decision making.

  • This course covers the role of accounting information in controlling domestic and foreign operations, and strategic decision making. Topics include strategic cost analysis, management controls systems, budgeting, and control of foreign operations, including the effects of translation of foreign currencies on performance evaluation.