FT MBA Traditional

  • The increasing availability of detailed customer information makes it possible for marketers to add value and instill loyalty by personalizing offerings to individual customers. This course focuses on using computerized techniques to acquire new customers, enhance the profitability of existing customers, and retain profitable customers.

  • This program explores the brand management function as presented by top marketing executives from a variety of global companies across a wide range of industries. The course is designed to explore and communicate the role of marketing in general, and that of the brand manager (or managers with brand-related responsibilities), in the context of each company?s business strategy, with a specific focus on marketing and brand strategy development, brand plan development and execution, and program evaluation.

  • This course provides an understanding of the
    unique aspects of the strategic marketing of services at a global
    level. Key topics are: the growing role of services in the global economy and the differences between the strategic marketing of products and services.

  • This course will focus on microfinance and its potential as a tool for economic development within the political, business and cultural context of Northern India. Students will learn from practitioners across the entire breadth of the industry including financing banks, MFI head-offices, field-offices and loan group meetings.

  • This course focuses on project planning, monitoring
    and control for the management of complex projects in a global context. Use of project management software will be integrated throughout the course. Discussions will include cases and experiences from past projects.

  • This course is intended to provide a broad and insightful overview of the myriad of contemporary issues facing financial executives and leaders (corporate, commercial, and investment banking) in today?s most important global marketplace.

  • This course is designed to strengthen the linguistic skills of the non-native speaker of English. It focuses on both speaking and writing. Grammar, pronunciation, and presentation are emphasized in the oral exercises, while grammar, style, and organization are emphasized in the written. The course requires regular homework assignments, which are introduced and reinforced in the classes.

  • The course equips students with a standard set of career management skills that can be used in any future career search process including: using self assessment and market research tools to identify your goal(s), developing an effective resume and cover letter, professional networking and interviewing skills, and job search ethics and etiquette. The course emphasizes a proactive job search process and teaches students how to leverage skills for future career moves.

  • The unique career opportunities that T-birds seek are not always available through traditional job search channels. This lab is designed to help students become more competent, proactive, and successful in this challenging job search process and is targeted toward students desirous of a more focused personal effort against their career goals. This hands-on lab builds on the CMC Seminar and relies on individual and team goal setting to help students progress through the process.