Executive MBA US

  • This course provides students the opportunity to visit companies from a wide range of industries and meet executives and government officials to learn firsthand about the challenges and opportunities business leaders currently face in Brazil.

  • This course is an introduction to the area of Latin America from perspectives useful to the international manager. The course begins with a brief geographical, demographic, and cultural overview of the region, and develops tools for analysis useful to assessing the Latin American business environment. The course then focuses on individual country cases such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico (and possibly an additional country, to be determined by the instructor).

  • This course is based in Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru, provides students the opportunity to visit companies and meet executives and government officials to learn firsthand about the challenges and opportunities business leaders currently face in South America. Meetings with government officials will further enhance students? understanding of the South American business environment.

  • This field seminar is designed to provide a hands-on opportunity for students to see, hear, and experience the culture and business environment of two of the leading capital cities in Europe and the world?Moscow and Berlin. Structured to start in Moscow and end in Berlin, the seminar is planned around a series of lectures, corporate and government visits, and cultural tours, intended to allow students to investigate the cultural, political, and economic forces that impact business in these important countries.

  • This course based in Geneva, Switzerland, provides students the opportunity to visit major international organizations and firms and meet executives to learn firsthand about the role and functioning of global organizations such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, as well as the challenges and opportunities business leaders currently face in Switzerland.

  • Participants completing this course will learn about fulfilling the changing professional and social expectations around responsible business management. Session s will address evaluating the changing demands of society on managers and corporations and the associated risks and opportunities. The course will also explore current and cutting edge business strategies for squaring social, environmental and ethical responsibilities with competitive demands.

  • In this course, we will investigate the increasing use of projects to accomplish important organizational goals and the unique style of management required to lead them. The course will address both advanced and fundamental project management and project leadership concepts and tools.

  • Provides a strategic perspective on value chains that create and deliver goods and services to customers. Introduces principles and tools related to the design, measurement, improvement, and sustainability of processes. Course topics explore the role of market segment choices and operating priorities as they influence decisions about process flows, supply chain design, process architecture, customer service, waste reduction, quality, responsiveness, and social responsibility.

  • This course is based in Abu Dhabi and Delhi, will provide students with an interesting comparison between a small nation seeking to diversify from its dependence on oil and gas and a large diversified country coping with stark disparities in income, resources and education. This course will help students formulate answers to the following questions; (i) what are the implications of important similarities and differences between the UAE and India with regard to past and future growth prospects?

  • The course equips students with a standard set of career management skills that can be used in any future career search process including: using self assessment and market research tools to identify your goal(s), developing an effective resume and cover letter, professional networking and interviewing skills, and job search ethics and etiquette. The course emphasizes a proactive job search process and teaches students how to leverage skills for future career moves.