Humberto Valencia, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Global Marketing

International Business Interim

Professional Bio: 

Bert Valencia, Ph.D., is available to students no matter where in the world he is traveling. E-mail, Instant Messenger, Web Cam, Skype and VoipBuster, he says are the tools that make him accessible around the globe.

As the Vice President of Distance Learning for Thunderbird, his comfort level with such technological tools is just part of the job. In this administrative role, Valencia assesses the communication needs of distance learning students in the school’s Global MBA for Latin American Managers and Distance Learning MBA programs.

He also pays close attention to the time constraints of these working professionals. “There are a number of things we’re doing to make the lives of working students easier and to allow them to study in the program better,” says Valencia.

Among those things are requiring faculty to post course syllabi at least a month in advance of the semester. “The working professional can study ahead of time, knowing that, for instance, in February or March, he may face extended travel or prepare for budget season,” explains Valencia.

Additionally, distance learning students receive their textbooks early in the program – including case studies and readings, so that they can pre-plan. Reading assignments are also provided in an e-format so that executives can take them onboard planes, in the subway and any time they’re on-the-go.

The Lima, Peru, native and naturalized U.S. citizen has also supported the integration of cultural orientation test results into course material. The Cultural Orientations Indicator – similar to the Myers-Briggs test on leadership style – helps students understand their individual cultural orientation and how to adapt to other cultures.

Although he is currently filling an administrative roll, Valencia looks forward to retuning to the classroom where he has taught Thunderbird’s global marketing management, international advertising, international consumer marketing and marketing to Hispanics courses.

Known as an expert in marketing to the U.S. Hispanic market, Valencia has consulted with the Henkel-Dial Corp. regarding Hispanic consumer preferences and has also shared marketing expertise in Latin America, Spain and France for such entities as Dow Brands, Kraft/General Foods, Kodak, Bayer, Univision and Vitro.

Valencia, who has taught in Mexico, France and Spain, says he enjoys traveling when he gets the opportunity. He has been to every country in the Americas except for Paraguay, and admits that, in addition to visiting the final Latin American country, he hopes to travel to Greece and Southern Italy.