MGM - Curriculum

Master of Global Management (MGM)

This in-depth global business degree combines general management coursework, cross-cultural insight, regional studies and foreign language components to educate global business leaders.  With its innovative program philosophy, the Master of Global Management provides a strategically choreographed progression through every facet of international management, with hands-on, experiential learning opportunities and practical, applicable nuances of global business.


States and Markets

Communicating in a Global Context

Managing People from a Global Perspective

Competitive Strategy

Global Accounting Competency

Global Marketing Strategy

Global Negotiations

Managing for Value Creation

Global Financial Decisions

Managerial Decision Making

Leading Change and Transformation

Multi-national Value Chain

Leading Projects

Regional Business Environment l: Emerging Markets

Thunderbird Experiential Practicum

Regional Business Environment ll: Developed Economies

Regional Industry Analysis

Big Data in the Age of the Global Economy

Global Strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility in a Global Context

Global Marketing Management

Thunderbird Integrative Experience