MAGAM - Curriculum

Master of Arts in
Global Affairs & Management

The Master of Arts in Global Affairs Management is designed to provide you with the political, economic and cultural training to thrive in international affairs and global relations. The MA in Global Affairs Management features coursework in international relations, political economy and area studies taught by world-class multinational faculty members. The curriculum also includes accounting, finance, marketing, management and entrepreneurship – all from a global perspective – with a breadth of additional global affairs electives for specialization.  This program is 45 credit hours including 33 core courses and 12 hours of electives.


Core Courses (33 credit hours):

Global Theory

Global Institutions & Actors

Global Decision Making under Uncertainty

The Individual as Decision Maker in Global Contexts

Global Political Economy

Managing People from a Global Perspective

Global Accounting

Global Marketing

Global Finance

Cross Cultural Communications

Global Strategy (Capstone Course)

Electives (12 credit hours)

Social Entrepreneurship

Community and Social Innovations

International Nongovernmental Organizations

Diversity, Ethics & Leading Public Change

Preparation for the Global Field Project

Thunderbird Experiential Practicum

Up to 6 hours of language