MA in Global Affairs & Management

MA Global Affairs & Management

To make a difference in today’s complex and interwoven global economy, you need a firm understanding of how global relations issues like international conflict resolution, sustainable economic development and humanitarian relief can be blended with business to drive economic and social reform. The Master of Arts in Global Affairs & Management delivers specialized cross-training in international affairs and all facets of global management, preparing you with the tools and insight to effectively change lives, communities and circumstances for the better.

Language is the bridge across cultures

The study of modern languages and cultures has long distinguished Thunderbird from other graduate business schools. Thunderbird integrates language instruction into the overall educational experience to help students strengthen the global mindset that sets T-birds apart from other business school graduates.

To earn your degree at Thunderbird, you must reach a specified level of proficiency in a language that is not your native language. A second language is not an admissions requirement; however, proficiency in English is required for admissions.