Accelerated MBA

Full-time MBA, Accelerated

Thunderbird’s Full-time MBA is offered in an accelerated track for students with undergraduate business backgrounds or advanced work-experience qualifications. Entering the program with a foundation in accounting, data analysis, statistics, finance and management allows you to waive certain core courses and progress more quickly into concentration area classes and optional language offerings.

Program at a glance
Student stats
Credit hours


Average age


Program duration
Depending on optional internship


Male/female ratio
64% male / 36% female 
Program format
Campus-based, full-time program with intakes in fall
Average # of countries represented


Undergraduate & work experience requirements
Undergraduate major or minor in business and two years of work experience required; 5+ years of work experience may be substituted for specified undergraduate degree

Average years of work experience


Second language proficiency
Required for graduation
Degree earned
MBA in Global Management

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Global studies opportunities

Thunderbird offers you a full immersion in global business with hands-on, study-abroad opportunities around the world. Students in the accelerated MBA program are eligible to participate in

  • Winterims/summerims
  • Global internships
  • Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratories
  • Summer language abroad programs

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Accelerated MBA Curriculum


In our accelerated MBA program, you may choose to focus your studies in one of the following concentration areas:

  • Global Development
  • Global Entrepreneurship
  • Global Finance
  • Global Management
  • Global Marketing

Sample course descriptions

Note: Not all courses shown here are taught at all times. This listing represents a sample of the courses available at Thunderbird, but is not meant to be all-inclusive. Please speak with an admissions representative to discuss the specific classes being offered in the next term.

  • Course Number: GF-4221
    Credit Hours: 3.00

    The CFA program has become the gold standard in the investment profession. The objective of this course is to prepare students who will be taking the CFA Level 1 exam. It will include a review of the key topics, and lots of opportunities to practice (mock questions and a six-hour mock exam.

  • Course Number: GF-4670
    Credit Hours: 3.00

    This course will focus on business opportunities and operational challenges facing organizations doing business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Of particular concern will be the sustainability of the growth and progress seen in Dubai over the last 20 years and the problems associated with managing a very diverse set of employees. Program content will focus on applied knowledge that will add to the student?s ability to manage organizations in a region which ahs experienced dynamic growth as well as the impact of the current financial crisis.

  • Course Number: GF-4510
    Credit Hours: 1.50

    The effective management of channel relationships
    is essential to the marketing manager's ability to create value for customers though the efficient delivery of goods and services. This course provides the knowledge and skills required to manage channel relationships effectively. Specifically, the course facilitates an understanding of: (1) alternative channel structures; (2) roles played by channel members in strategy and logistics; (3) effective methods for
    negotiating with channel members, and (4)technologies that enable the channel system.

  • Course Number: CH-4100
    Credit Hours: 3.00

    This course emphasizes the use of the target language in context, especially the lexicon of business. Readings from newspapers, journals, and books (although to a restricted degree in non-Latin alphabet languages) familiarize future international managers with issues in the areas of the world where the target language is spoken. Activities include small group discussions, oral and written projects, and grammar review.

  • Course Number: CH-4026
    Credit Hours: 3.00

    In Fundamentals II major emphasis continues to be on the development of speaking and listening proficiency, but increased attention is also given to reading and writing. Authentic materials in the target language reflect situations relevant to the international manager, except for non-Latin
    based languages or Asian languages.

  • Course Number: CH-4015
    Credit Hours: 3.00

    This is an introductory course for beginning language learners. No prior knowledge is required. Students study language fundamentals such as pronunciations, vocabulary and grammar. The emphases are: a) establishing a solid foundation in pronunciations; b) building up vocabulary and sentence patterns in communicative contexts; c) introducing writing systems and preparing students to read characters. In addition, cultural and social information that go along with language use are also included in the teaching.

  • Course Number: CH-4020
    Credit Hours: 3.00

    This course is a continuation of Fundamentals I. It aims to help students further develop communicative skills in listening and speaking, with an additional emphasis on reading texts. The emphases of this course are: a) building up more vocabulary and grammatical structures for communications purposes, b) integrating the linguistic and cultural knowledge acquired in Fundamentals I with the new knowledge, c) introducing business content and terminology in instructions and activities.

  • Course Number: GM-4464
    Credit Hours: 1.50

    This course explores the mix of organizational practices and people that can be the basis of sustainable competitive advantage in the contemporary global business environment. Topics covered include cross-cultural issues in managing people; traditional and emerging models of organizations; organizational culture; leadership; employee skills and motivation; reward systems; and change management.

  • Course Number: GM-4468
    Credit Hours: 1.50

    This course explores the strategic management of the global firm. Readings, cases, group projects and discussions are used to present the analytical tools and techniques that support strategy formulation, and the related managerial skills and decision processes that foster strategy implementation in the global business environment.

  • Course Number: GF-5804
    Credit Hours: 1.50

    Economic development and social change can
    offer tremendous business opportunities for global managers.
    At the same time, the development process can lead to social,
    cultural, economic, and political conflicts. This course
    explores the roots of such conflicts, and methods of conflict
    management such as negotiations and multicultural communications.

  • Course Number: GF-5452
    Credit Hours: 3.00

    This course will take participants to Lima and Arequipa, Peru where they will work with graduates of the SWEP Business Certificate program that are currently expanding their small to medium-sized businesses. In Lima, student will receive orientation training, visit a variety of small businesses and meet with professionals involved in the women entrepreneurship in Peru. They will also interface with Thunderbird Alumni and take part in cultural experience which highlight Peru?s current business environment as it related to small and mediums sized businesses.

  • Course Number: GF-5884
    Credit Hours: 1.50

    As business enters the 21st century, a shift in thinking about business? role in society is underway. Society?s demands for social and environmental responsibility are growing dramatically and few managers have the requisite skills to respond effectively. This course is designed to give future business leaders the knowledge and tools needed to develop a CSR strategy that creates value, not only for society and the environment, but also competitive and financial value for the company.

  • Course Number: GF-4110
    Credit Hours: 1.50

    This course provides an in-depth analysis of corporate
    financial reporting as a vehicle for communicating
    information to the firm's stakeholders. Topics covered include revenue and expense recognition, quality of earnings issues, the analysis of cash flows, foreign currency ranslation, the valuation of debt instruments, derivatives and executive stock compensation.

  • Course Number: GF-5820
    Credit Hours: 3.00

    Corporate Partners consists of classroom meetings and hands-on business projects conducted by Thunderbird students for U.S. and International entities. The course will focus on a specific industry and/or region depending on the location and project available. The projects require close interaction among students and their assigned business entities covering topics across the spectrum of business operations to include but not limited to strategy, marketing, import/export, operations, supply chain, and finance.

  • Course Number: GF-4402
    Credit Hours: 1.50

    This course focuses on issues that define the scope of the firm and its competitive environment. Organization scope is impacted by a variety of factors such as ownership structure, country context, and firm-specific resource endowments. Consequently, this course will explore these influences within a multi-disciplinary perspective, drawing on research and practice from areas such as finance, industrial organization economics, organization behavior and organization theory.

  • Course Number: GF-5703
    Credit Hours: 1.50

    Global managers must be concerned with the risks to their businesses posed by political, social, and financial forces at work internationally and in specific regions and countries. This course is centered around state-of-the-art assessment models used by businesses and foreign investors. Issues include methods of measuring and forecasting risk; and methods of mitigating risk such as political risk insurance.

  • Course Number: GM-4800
    Credit Hours: 1.50

    This dynamic and interactive course provides managers with an effective framework for achieving their goals in competitive global business settings. The course will assist students to prepare for and execute time-tested strategies for achieving communication competence with persons from different cultures. It will not only examine theories of culture and communication, but will also place students in an experiential situation to gain valuable skills for overcoming obstacles in global management environments.

  • Course Number: GF-4506
    Credit Hours: 1.50

    This course focuses on understanding how and why consumers make decisions and choices as is observed in the market. Although consumers desire to make rational decisions that maximize their utility, in reality they often make irrational and suboptimal choices. This course will offer why such phenomena occur and how consumers can improve the quality of decision-making.

  • Course Number: GF-4523
    Credit Hours: 1.50

    The increasing availability of detailed customer information makes it possible for marketers to add value and instill loyalty by personalizing offerings to individual customers. This course focuses on using computerized techniques to acquire new customers, enhance the profitability of existing customers, and retain profitable customers.

  • Course Number: GM-4300
    Credit Hours: 3.00

    This course concentrates on a number of commonly applied quantitative tools in everyday business which can be used to improve the quality of managerial decisions. Topics covered include descriptive statistics, basic probability, confidence interval, simulation, sampling, hypothesis testing, regression analysis and linear programming. Different managerial applications of these probabilistic as well as deterministic techniques in a variety of business areas will be demonstrated.