Steve Gemmiti

Academic Director (Business English Communications); Director GMAT/TOEFL programs
Areas of Expertise: 

Teaching English as a Second Language, Teaching of Case Studies, Reading Strategies, GMAT preparation, TOEFL preparation.


Business Presentations & Public Speaking, Business English Communications (Case Studies & Reading Strategies), GMAT preparation (Math & Verbal sections), TOEFL preparation (all sections), Custom ESL programs (Executive Education).

Professional Bio: 

Steve Gemmiti has been an adjunct professor in Thunderbird’s Executive Education department since June 2001. He became the Academic Director for the Business English Communications program (formerly the Pre-MBA/EBC program) in 2012. He recently accepted the Director of GMAT/TOEFL programs where his responsibilities include the marketing, pricing, and selling of the custom versions of these programs.

Professor Gemmiti is adept at teaching both corporate clients and graduate-level students. He has taught in many highly visible programs including Cummins, JAFRA, Morinaga Foods, BP, Universidad de Chile, Goretex, SK, DENSO, CBSD, INAX, and Nomura Research Institute.

Professor Gemmiti co-developed an online TOEFL program and recently developed an online GMAT program. These programs have been taught to both corporate and individual clients. Since 2001, he has customized and taught individual and group versions of these same programs, including using online platforms such as Adobe Connect to teach programs on a global scale and to further meet clients needs.

From 2010-2011 he successfully taught the Business Presentations & Public Speaking course in Thunderbirds MBA/MA/MS programs.

Before Thunderbird, Professor Gemmiti taught Mathematics, Computer Programming and English for a cumulative 13 years in Kingston Ontario Canada His experience spans the globe including teaching Business English in South Korea in 1997/98 and working in Australia (1988), Greece (1996), and as a Project Coordinator/Trekking Guide for Volunteer Abroad in the Mt. Everest region of Nepal (spring 2001, 2003, 2004). He spent a month in Ghana Africa (spring 2008) where he developed new adventure travel programs for BaseCamp Centers International (http://www.basecampcenters.com). Steve is a shareholder in the company and sits on the Board of Directors.

From 2005 through the end of 2007 he also worked as a Business Operations Consultant for a local roofing company where he was in charge of developing, implementing, and then monitoring a self insured corporate safety program. He was able to reduce expenditures by over 93% with his new processes and programs.

Professor Gemmiti holds Bachelor of Science degrees in mathematics and computer programming from Trent University and an honors degree in mathematics from Queen’s University. He received his bachelor of education degree from Queens University. His focus in mathematics was linear programming and his computer programming languages were on COBOL, Fortran, and Pascal.

Steve is an avid explorer/traveler covering 41 countries spanning 6 continents and can boast that he has played football (soccer) on every continent he has visited thus far. His passion for football has seen him play (and partake as captain) at the university level (both for Trent and Queen’s) and play for a British team (based in Seoul, Korea) at the Manila World 6v6 International Tournament. He has also played competitive ice hockey, rugby and basketball. He is passionate about ocean surfing, windsurfing, rock climbing, scuba diving, mountain biking, snow boarding, snow shoeing, and spends most of his weekends out camping/hiking during all 4 seasons.