Mary Sully de Luque, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management and Research Fellow
Areas of Expertise: 

Cross-cultural management, Global leadership, Human-resource management, Organizational behavior, Women’s leadership, Above topics as they relate to developing countries


Global Leadership, International Human Resources Management

Professional Bio: 

Mary Sully de Luque, Ph.D., assistant professor of management and Research Fellow in the Garvin Center for Cultures and Language at Thunderbird School of Global Management, has written dozens of published articles, book chapters and academic-conference proceedings in the areas of global leadership, organization-level management issues and international human-resource management.

Dr. Sully de Luque’s research interests include the influences of culture on leadership, feedback processes in the work environment and human-resource management. Her expertise extends across business consulting, global leadership, women’s leadership, cross-cultural management, human-resource management and organizational behavior, with particular interest in developing countries.

Before joining the Thunderbird faculty, Dr. Sully de Luque was a Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s renowned Wharton School, working on the very high-profile GLOBE project (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness). Currently, she is research director on GLOBE Phase 3, which involves a 20-country study of entrepreneur and non-entrepreneur leadership effectiveness. The overriding objective of GLOBE Phase 3 is to study the effectiveness of leadership and management behavior (starting at the CEO level, and including the top management ranks) on workers’ performance and attitudes.

A U.S. citizen whose husband is Peruvian, Dr. Sully de Luque concentrates her research on the contrasts and similarities in global cross-cultural leadership, management and organizational-behavior traits around the world.

Consulting with numerous corporations, Dr. Sully de Luque has quantified innumerable leadership and management behaviors that filter through organizations, yielding results that may represent a broad mix of the positive and the negative outcomes. She notes that proper assessment is critical to understanding real company issues.

With her research conducted in a variety of countries, the results of Dr. Sully de Luque’s studies have helped explain many behaviors among organizations around the world. With a special interest in developing countries, Dr. Sully de Luque has kindled strong interest and expertise in the Middle East. Conducting research in the greater region, she is academic co-director of Project Artemis, an Afghan entrepreneurship program focused on women, helping them develop and grow businesses in their country.

Prior to finishing her formal education, Dr. Sully de Luque worked as an aide to two U.S. senators. She earned her Ph.D. in organizational behavior and international management from the University of Nebraska’s College of Business Administration; her MA in organizational communications from the University of Nebraska; and her BA in organizational communication from Creighton University.