Martin Sours, Ph.D.

Professor of Global Studies, Emeritus
Professional Bio: 

Dr. Sours has served on the Thunderbird faculty for over 35 years as a tenured full professor, journal editor, acting department chair and interim academic vice president. His teaching and research focuses on the Asia-Pacific region, International Business Ethics and the U.S. Business Regulatory Environment. His degrees are from the University of California, Berkeley (BA), Southern Illinois University (MBA), and the University of Washington, Seattle (MA, Ph.D.). He also holds the rank of Captain (0-6) USNR (ret.) and is a qualified Surface Warfare Officer.

Currently Dr. Sours in a principal in S & G Global Strategies, a non-profit organization meeting the provisions described in Internal Revenue Code section 26 USC 501 c (3) and incorporated in the State of Colorado. Its mission is to enhance global partners’ capabilities in general and administrative management through both domestic and international consulting services and professional management development. S & G Global Strategies accomplishes these goals internationally through the development of host country nationals who create strategies, tactics, techniques, and procedures to achieve specific goals and objectives leading to tasks that can be measured and accomplished from both the top down and from the bottom up.