Executive MBA Europe Program Tuition & Inclusive Fees 2012-2014

Program Tuition & Fee Structure

  • The program cost for the Executive MBA Europe IX cohort entering in September 2012 is $91,500 payable in US Dollars to Thunderbird School of Global Management (Arizona, USA) for the 49 credit program delivered over 20 months.
  • Costs include course tuition, all books & materials, online web portal access, as well as a portion of accommodation (see below).
  • The program is priced exclusive of all travel. Students are responsible for arranging their own travel to and from each module, including all international modules beyond Geneva.


  • All tuition and academic fees for 49 credit program
  • All textbooks, cases and academic materials
  • Hotel accommodation for six of the twelve program modules
  • Professional Leadership Development series (assessment, 360 feedback, etc.)
  • Thunderbird International Business Information Centre (IBIC) Online Library, databases and journal resources
  • Special events (guest speakers, alumni receptions, periodic group meals)
  • On-site staff support during modules
  • Thunderbird Career Management Center support
  • Graduation ceremony and formal reception


Over 50 hotel nights are included, covering the opening module in Geneva, international field seminars and two modules in Arizona (Modules 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12).

Remaining accommodations during the other residential modules held in Geneva are excluded. Local residents may commute from home, and those from beyond Geneva may choose among recommended hotel facilities, where special Thunderbird rates are made available.

Missed Courses, Deferrals and Withdrawals

The Executive MBA is delivered in a series of one-week modules over 20 months. Participation requires a commitment to all modules in the series. If a student misses a course or an entire module, the program administrators will advise the student of the options available to make up the missing course(s). An administrative fee of USD $250 will be due and payable at the time of rescheduling. Additionally, the program cost in effect at the time of the makeup course will apply, which may result in the student paying additional fees due to an increase in costs. If a course is a prerequisite for a future course, this make-up may delay graduation.

Accepted candidates may defer their enrollment once, if needed, until the next entering cohort. Such deferments must be submitted in writing to the EMBA office no later than September 17, 2012, for the 2012 entering class. All monies paid at the time of deferment, except the application fee, any course materials used, and hotel cancellation fees, will be refunded to the student. Upon re-enrollment, the candidate will be required to submit updated personal and professional information, an updated organizational sponsorship form, and a new application fee. All deferred candidates are subject to the program costs in place at the time of their actual enrollment.

If a student withdraws from the Executive MBA program on or before October 1, 2012, all monies paid to date, except the application fee and USD $1,000 of the program registration fee, will be refunded.

If a student withdraws from the Executive MBA program after October 1, 2012 in the first module or after the first day of class in future modules, the tuition portion of their payments (noted on their invoices) will be refunded on a pro-rated basis according to federal and institutional policies, per their academic bulletin. The remaining portion of their payment for that module is non-refundable and non-transferable, unless required by federal financial aid regulations.

If a student has pre-paid for future modules and must withdraw from the program, these monies are fully refundable or may be applied to future enrollment in another Thunderbird program, as long as they apply to a module that has not yet begun at the time of withdrawal.

Payment Instructions

Invoices for all payments will be issued by Thunderbird according to the schedule set forth in this document. Payments will be made in US Dollars by credit card, bank transfer or check, as noted on the invoice.

Credit Card:

The $2,500 Program Registration Fee can be paid online at www.thunderbird.edu/deposit

Following the initial USD $2,500 payment, invoices can be paid online by credit card via the Thunderbird intranet system Access Thunderbird. Detailed instructions will be provided following enrollment.

Note: Credit card companies charge per transaction. Students paying by credit card via Access Thunderbird will incur this processing fee. This fee is approximately 2.5% of the total charge. While students are welcome to make payment by credit card, Thunderbird encourages students to consider alternative payment options to avoid the processing fees.

Bank Wire:

If paying by bank transfer, the wire should be in U.S. dollars and include the name of the student, student ID number and the sender’s name and phone number as contact information. The bank wire should include the following information:

JP Morgan Chase Bank, Peoria, Arizona USA
ABA Number 021000021 SWIFT: CHASUS33
Branch P288
For credit to: Thunderbird School of Global Management
                    Account # 0047-9365

Payment by check is also available (contact the program for further details). Please include the student’s name and ID number on the check.


Partial-tuition scholarships are available. See the EMBA-Europe program website for categories, requirements and application procedures. Those who apply for scholarship consideration will be notified of financial awards following their admissions decision. Recipients will be provided an award letter with further details.

Scholarships are awarded with equal percentage reduction of tuition across each of the six payments, exclusive of the initial $2,500 payment to secure participation in the program.

Payment Schedule

Amount* Module Due Date
USD $2,500 Program Registration Fee Due upon admission to secure seat in cohort and receive class materials
USD $13,540 Modules 1-2 (9 credits) Due September 18, 2012**
USD $17,215 Modules 3-4 (10.5 credits) Due January 2, 2013
USD $15,367 Modules 5-6 (7.5 credits) Due April 4, 2013
USD $13,194 Modules 7-8 (6 credits) Due August 14, 2013
USD $6,521 Module 9 (4.5 credits) Due December 20, 2013
USD $23,163 Modules 10-12 (11.5 credits) Due January 31, 2014
USD $91,500

* Breakdown of tuition is based on the pace of credit hours earned
** Some flexibility allowed for initial tuition payment due date

Optional 6-Credit Language Program
USD $3,000 Module 1 (3 credits)
USD $3,000 Module 2 (3 credits)
Available on the Thunderbird campus in Arizona. Languages and individual dates are to be determined.