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Leading with a Global Mindset

Dec. 5-7, 2012 | Thunderbird Campus

This three-day executive education program is delivered via a one-on-one coaching and workshop-style format. Offered exclusively by Thunderbird, it is the second in a series of only two corporate education solutions focused on Global Mindset, a scientifically proven set of characteristics possessed by the world’s most successful global managers. The Global Mindset and decision-making style self-assessments you will complete prior to attending this workshop form the basis of this personalized professional development training that focuses on honing your individual global management skills.

Program Highlights

Prepare for the risks and challenges that come from working in a globalized business market, using cutting-edge interactive tools and interpersonal activities as your guide:

  • Thunderbird’s Global Mindset Inventory psychometric tool – Compare your Global Mindset profile results from Thunderbird’s recommended first course, Communicating and Negotiating with a Global Mindset, and your results today to learn about areas of growth and areas that still need refinement.
  • The Globesmart Cross Cultural Assessment – learn about your decision-making style and its effectiveness in other parts of the world.
  • Communications practice and role-playing negotiations – Understand cross-cultural communication situations better after participating in an interactive global leader simulation experience.

Professional Development – Develop priorities, objectives and action plans specific to enhancing your own and your organization’s Global Mindset.

Your global communication and negotiation skills will further be enhanced as you complete team exercises with peers from around the globe, study global case studies and participate in class discussions.

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Leading with a Global Mindset

Thunderbird Professor Mansour Javidan, Ph.D. talks about the “Leading with a Global Mindset” program.

A Course with Real, Applicable Solutions

The insight you gain from faculty/coaches trained in Global Mindset and with global business expertise will help you lead your company in today’s complex global environment that spans cultures and continents.

You will complete your management continuing education with a new understanding of:

  • Global Mindset and how it applies to individual and corporate success
  • What steps you need to take to enhance your own Global Mindset
  • Decision-making styles and their impact on a company’s financial health and future
  • Cross-cultural opportunities and challenges your peers are personally facing
  • The challenges of doing business in China
  • The complexity of doing business in India

High-potential Participants

Join executives from diverse industries and cultures spanning the globe – peer participants in upper and mid-level management ready to share their varied corporate experiences in a collaborative environment free from competition.

What Participants Are Saying

“Just as the Global Mindset Inventory will do for everyone, it helped me see my strong attributes as a global leader and brought my attention to those attributes that I can develop so that I can be even better at global leadership and as a participant global citizen.”

Barrie Zucal

President/CEO, Global Coaches Network

“The Global Mindset Inventory tool and the philosophy and research behind it are invaluable for someone working in the global arena.”

David Maher

Executive Director, World Action Teams



Thunderbird’s diverse faculty members bring you renowned global business instruction as well as intimate cultural insight you simply won’t find elsewhere. Their consulting experience with companies around the world, coupled with their own diverse heritages, means that your global business instruction is merged with cross-cultural insight. The end result: you’ll interact with the world’s most accomplished global thought leaders and leave Thunderbird prepared to lead and drive your own global business success anywhere in the world.

The Leading with a Global Mindset program is led by Professors Mansour Javidan, Ph.D., Roe Goddard, Ph.D. and Kishore Dash, Ph.D.

Pricing Details


Program fee includes tuition, instructional and assessment materials, and meals for the program. Price does not include accommodations, which can be secured online at the Thunderbird Executive Inn, a full-service facility conveniently located on campus and offering a host of amenities and business services for executives.

Partnership Pricing & Tuition Credit Program

Learn more about our partnership pricing discounts for groups. Program fees may also be applied toward tuition for a Thunderbird campus-based degree program. 

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

2.0 CEUs

CEUs provide a permanent record of the professional development training and non-credit enhancement activities of working executives who wish to stay current in global business. One CEU is equivalent to 10 contact hours of time spent at a qualified instruction site. Participants who complete this program earn 2 CEUs.

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