Technology-Enabled Learning

Technology-Enabled Learning at
Thunderbird Executive Education

Thunderbird knows that learners need to be engaged and challenged through multiple methods of learning to keep them involved and connected with their professional development programs. We believe that a rich variety of methods should extend to online education courses in order to achieve optimum engagement from participants. Technology-enabled learning allows participants to fully immerse themselves in Thunderbird Executive Education programs with the convenience of studying on their own schedule.

  • Individualized pre-program online learning paths for participants to begin their Thunderbird journey prior to starting their classroom program.
  • Thunderbird Online executive certificate programs for individuals who are unable to take part in on-campus programs or would like additional training in a specific focus area.
  • Following the completion of your classroom program, Thunderbird Executive Education offers a custom online learning portal for employees to collaborate after post-program.

Thunderbird’s online learning programs bring dynamic learning methods to your employees through:

  • Faculty lectures
  • Interactive multimedia activities
  • Case studies
  • Facilitated discussion forums
  • Downloadable podcasts
  • Online quizzes and assessments

Discover Thunderbird Online

Why choose technology-enabled learning through Thunderbird?

  • Learning and development professionals are seeing a gap in talent, and need to enhance the skills of their workforce to continue to develop and promote internally.
  • Companies are continually asked to do more with less. The best way to accomplish that is to train and develop existing talent.
  • Differentiate your workforce by enabling them to quickly gain new skills and credentials.
  • Low-risk, high-gain exposure to new technologies built into online learning programs.
  • Immediately apply new concepts and learning methods to day-to-day projects, increasing visibility and confidence in employees.
  • Ability to gain ideas and foster communication with working professionals in different industries and countries.

Advances in educational technology have allowed Thunderbird to create dynamic online learning environments to adapt to individual learning styles. Technology-leveraged learning enables shorter learning interventions, enhanced rich media, and a bridging of classroom and online programs to provide you with a truly blended learning experience. With the amount of information that is at our fingertips every day, online learners need the most up-to-date, relevant and accurate content for their unique professional development needs. Thunderbird Executive Education stays ahead of global technology trends to provide you with a world-class online learning experience.