ExxonMobil Corporation is the world’s largest integrated oil company. The company engages in oil and gas exploration, production, supply, transportation, chemicals and marketing worldwide. With reported reserves of nearly 25 billion barrels of oil equivalent, ExxonMobil has 36 refineries in 20 countries. ExxonMobil employs more than 82,000 employees around the world, and has been dedicated to strategically developing its employees at all levels. ExxonMobil has an extremely sophisticated people development model that is linked directly to its leadership framework, and the expectation of its educational providers is to connect each session to its business principles, essential personal qualities of leaders, and leadership behaviors.

Thunderbird’s Approach

Thunderbird Executive Education has been an educational partner with ExxonMobil since 1990, and currently delivers three unique programs to its management—currently 250 program days—throughout the year. Each session incorporates a global focus with relevant topics that include leadership, strategy, finance, HSE, cross-cultural communication, and negotiations. The sessions are interactive and incorporate a number of teaching methodologies, and are, of course, tied directly to ExxonMobil’s leadership framework. Utilizing Thunderbird’s unique client engagement philosophy, the programs are designed in tandem with the client partner to meet the strategic objectives of ExxonMobil which include:

  • Align personal leadership practices with organizationally desired leadership behaviors
  • Enhance the ability to lead, manage, and supervise in a multi-cultural setting
  • Develop capabilities to effectively manage external relationships
  • Broaden perspective of global organization issues
  • Use effective global leadership tools to achieve business results
  • Enhance the development of the ExxonMobil’s workforce worldwide

ExxonMobil Results

The changing business environment requires constant leadership skill development. Flatter organizations increase the scope of responsibility for managers and leaders in any organization particularly in an industry as global as the oil and gas industry. ExxonMobil’s business activities require leaders who can effectively work in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous global environment. A deliberate and focused effort across ExxonMobil ensures that the company identifies and mentors individuals, designs challenging work assignments, supports on-the-job experiences, and partners with educational providers like Thunderbird that will deliver world-class executive education.

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