About Us

In Thunderbird Executive Education, the heart of our business is helping our clients fix issues, or deliver strategic priorities, that they otherwise could not do by themselves. We only help on issues that can be solved by education, and at Thunderbird, our best work is on problems or strategies that have messy global aspects.

Our goal is to offer a whole client experience where our executive participants prepare well, learn new ideas, make sense for their unique context, and embed those new ideas in their work in ways that create value for the organization. This in turn, creates value and prosperity in the communities, societies, and countries within which our client companies operate.

We deliver world-class education through a variety of designs and methods, using a range of superb faculty.

1.    Design — We believe that education is the key to sustained change in individuals, teams, and organizations and a strong design logic is required to create value. The design logic of an educational intervention is the difference between the sum of a series of content sessions and a powerful integrated experience that creates business impact. Learn more about Thunderbird’s design philosophy.

2.    Methods — We believe the magic is in the mix. The ability to deliver a varied and strategic mix of compelling delivery and teaching methods is essential to effective learning. Discover Thunderbird’s unique approach to teaching methods.

3.    Faculty — The Thunderbird Educator Network combines Thunderbird’s world-class faculty with cutting-edge thought leaders and industry experts around the globe to provide our clients more choices for content and delivery.  Get a sample of the faculty available in the Thunderbird Educator Network.

4.    Technology — We believe blended learning is best. When used appropriately, technology applied to learning creates efficiencies in cost and time, as well as creates skills in learners that are crucial for success in business today. Explore Thunderbird’s online learning environment and custom online portals.

Thank you for taking time to get to know us, and welcome to the Thunderbird family!