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Thunderbird’s degree programs for full-time students and working professionals attract candidates from around the globe who embrace diversity and thrive in multi-cultural environments. Each academic program draws students with targeted experience levels across varied professional and cultural backgrounds. We recognize that the needs of your organization vary as well - and we seek to connect you with the right candidates within our Thunderbird talent pool. To learn more about how T-birds can benefit your organization, read about the unique curriculum and hands-on experience offered in our degree programs, or click the button below to read more about our student profiles by program. 

Employment statistics

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    These employment reports and statistics are every bit as unique as Thunderbird students themselves. For the most recent numbers, view 2013 Employment Highlights. Note: This salary data is for Full-time MBA program students only. It is not reflective of all degree program students (and specifically does not include salary data for our Executive MBA and Global MBA Online students).




    Function and Industry pie charts for Thunderbird Graduates

    *MBA Program