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Thunderbird students are prepared to do business anywhere in the world

Thunderbird students are uniquely qualified to fill positions in nearly every industry, functional area and region of the world. Take advantage of the recruiting services at Thunderbird’s Career Management Center and find the global leaders that fit your company or organization best.

How to use GlobalConnect, our full-service recruiting portal

The GlobalConnect system, powered by Symplicity, allows you to post jobs, search Thunderbird résumés, request campus visits, pre-select candidates for interviews and oversee all of your recruiting activities. For more information on how the process works, click the steps below:


1. Is there a cost to post positions on your website?
Posting positions is free. The CMC reserves the right to decline postings where the job level and responsibilities are not consistent with those of Thunderbird students and graduates.

2. How will I receive my applicants’ résumés?
Direct students to apply on your website or have résumés sent to your e-mail. We can also collect student résumés for you, and e-mail them to you as a PDF file the day after your posting closes. Alumni must always apply directly to your company.

3. How do I reach out to a particular group of students or alumni?
On the job posting form, please include the appropriate degree-seeking category for your position. Only applicants from the group(s) that you request will be able to apply to the posting. Click the following link for an overview of Thunderbird’s degree programs.

4. How can I increase my company’s presence at Thunderbird?
Branding is an important part of recruiting. To find the best candidates for your organization, establish a campus presence through personal visits, hosting events and information seminars, reaching out to student associations and clubs, or consider supporting scholarships or event sponsorship opportunities. Our Employer Relations team can guide you toward the best recruiting strategies for your organization.