Employer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about recruiting global talent at Thunderbird? Read through this list of Frequently Asked Questions below to learn about the many opportunities available to your organization. You can also contact our team directly to talk to someone about your specific needs.

Posting a job on GlobalConnect

How do I post a job or internship?

GlobalConnect is Thunderbird’s electronic posting platform. Applying for your individual account is easy. Here are the quick steps:

  1. Go to www.thunderbird.edu/globalconnect

  2. Select Employer

  3. Click Register and post a job (posting a job and an internship is the same process)

  4. The next screen will walk you through the process of registering your contact information

  5. You will then be asked to fill out the details of the job itself

  6. You will receive confirmation of your registration and job posting from our Employer Relations team as quickly as possible

I’ve posted an opportunity. Now what?

Upon approval of your registration, you will be sent a brief user guide for GlobalConnect to help you take advantage of all of the system’s available features. Our Employer Relations team is always happy to assist you along the way, too. Please contact us for personalized service.

Is there a cost for posting on GlobalConnect?

No. This service is free of charge – to connect you with great Thunderbird talent.

How long can I have an opportunity posted?

A three-week timeframe is recommended.

Can I change a posting?

To make a necessary change on a current posting, use your account on GlobalConnect to open the specific posting. Make changes and click Submit.

How do I cancel a current posting?

From the homepage of your GlobalConnect account, select the Post a New Job tab. The screen displays all of your current postings. Locate the position title and scroll to the right side of the screen. Select the Deactivate button.

How do I receive submitted résumés?

When you create the posting request, the form will ask how you would like to receive résumés.

  1. Receive an auto-generated e-mail each time someone applies.

  2. Have the system store applicants’ resumes until the position closes, then auto-generate a résumé book. This will be sent to your e-mail address.

  3. Direct candidates to apply directly to your company website via the URL you provide.

NOTE: You can use GlobalConnect at any time to view activity/applicants regarding postings.

Are all submitted job posting requests approved for GlobalConnect?

No. Every job posted is subject to approval by the Employer Relations team. Should a posting request be denied, you will be notified via email.

Are all levels of jobs ok to request posting on GlobalConnect?

No. As a graduate school, postings are required to be geared to positions requiring the knowledge and skills of a Master of Arts, Masters of Science, or MBA graduate.

Why would a job posting be declined for posting on GlobalConnect?

There are several reasons a posting request may be declined or placed on hold. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Listing appears directed at undergraduate students

  2. Incomplete contact information

  3. Blind email address or general phone number

  4. There is no company information, or company is determined not to exist

  5. The listing appears to be an attempt to merely collect resumes without a legitimate opening (this applies mostly to search firms)

Case competitions

What is a case competition?

Case competitions are opportunities for business school students to put their newly-acquired skills to work tackling a simulated business problem under intense time-constraints. Generally, they are grouped in teams of 3-4 students, and must research a problem, develop a solution, and prepare a written and oral presentation to a panel of judges in support of their recommendation.

How does sponsoring a case competition benefit my company?

Case competitions are an ideal opportunity to elevate your recruiting strategy and differentiate your brand. They allow you to work closely with our top students during the preparation for the event, and to see firsthand how students think through a business challenge. Many recruiters feel that a case competition provides a much more accurate assessment of a student’s ability to perform than a standard interview.

Who writes the case?

Traditionally, companies have elected to pick the topic and draft the case. We will connect you to a Thunderbird faculty member with experience drafting cases and they will gladly assist you in the writing process. In addition, we will provide a student liaison who will help author the case for you.

How much does it cost?

While the amount can vary dramatically, a well-appointed case competition can be done on-campus for approximately $3,000 USD. This includes prizes, food and beverages, and miscellaneous expenses.

When do we need to start?

We recommend that companies begin the planning process as early as possible. Please contact the Employer Relations team to help coordinate the most opportune time for your event. On average, we recommend the planning process to be 4 months in advance. This is primarily to allow for enough time to draft and edit the case materials.

What are examples of previous case competitions at Thunderbird?

Some of our most interesting collaborations with employers have been case competitions that engaged a number of student teams simultaneously and resulted in a range of ideas for the company:

Case 1: A leading global automotive components manufacturer wished to build its brand on campus and identify people with the right skills for their business. They partnered a corporate VP with the leader of our Supply Chain Club to build a custom case that student teams completed under time pressure. All teams gave live presentations to company executives. The competition was well-received by students and resulted in talent matches for the company.

Case 2: A global company recovering from a governance crisis had worked hard to develop better controls and sought to instill new corporate culture in all its global affiliates. The company created a case competition in collaboration with our Net Impact Chapter that generated localized campaigns to carry the universal values into different country contexts.

Case 3: A Fortune 100 technology company entering a new consumer market segment partnered with our Marketing Association to generate concept-level business plans, and offered internships to those whose ideas they wished to move forward.

Case 4: Magna Powertrain approached the Career Management Center about expanding their campus recruiting efforts. They were particularly focused on recruiting talent into their purchasing and supply chain business units. The company worked closely with faculty and students to put together a brand new case, written exclusively for the competition. Ultimately, 10 student teams entered the competition, each composed of 3-4 students. The quality of the presentations far surpassed the expectations of the Magna team – and one lucky T-bird was able to leverage his stellar performance in the competition into a summer internship.

Creative solutions

I have a unique idea for recruiting Thunderbird students and/or alumni. What should I do?

Not all projects have a pre-defined channel that seems like the right fit. If you have an idea for a project and the above programs don’t cover your need, ask us for feedback and we’ll be happy to let you know whether we can make the right connection with a faculty member or student club.

Custom research and class projects

How can I leverage Thunderbird student teams for my organization?

Thunderbird offers year-round opportunities to partner with our faculty on course-based consulting projects to advance your strategic objectives. Student project teams are enrolled in a course under faculty direction. They earn academic credit but are unpaid. Please contact our employer relations team to learn more.

My challenge is to better understand the direction of our competition and the broader market. It’s a strategic priority, and I have budget, but where do I begin?

A Business Intelligence (BI) project could help you chart the right course. Clients who engage with this class work directly with expert faculty to scope the project and frame the right questions. Students matched to the project are guided in the use of a comprehensive methodology to systematically collect, analyze, and synthesize information on the external environment of your business to better inform corporate strategy. The student team needs guaranteed access to relevant professionals in your organization and will make a live presentation in addition to providing written deliverables. BI projects are fee-based.

We have a team or partner in an emerging market with a significant business problem or unique challenge. Can Thunderbird help?

Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory (TEM LAB) deploys student consulting teams to virtually any emerging market. Each team is able to commit a full 5 weeks on the ground, collaborating intensively with the client. The teams are under the academic direction and guidance of faculty, and have access to coaching and research support from Thunderbird throughout the engagement. TEM LAB projects are budgeted by the client system to cover the full expenses of the deployed team and a project management fee. Please contact our TEM LAB team to learn more about this opportunity.

Can Thunderbird support global marketing, branding, and research projects?

Yes. Thunderbird’s Global Brand Management course solicits company projects at least twice per year. Students are able to choose projects from among the submitted proposals, and form teams to execute the work. They finalize proper scope for the project in negotiation with you. The work must be completed within a given trimester. Companies are charged a small fee ($500) for matched projects.

We also have a Market Research course that invites projects for its students in collaboration with the teaching faculty.

Can Thunderbird students work with us side-by-side on change-management projects?

Yes. Thunderbird offers a course called Leading Change that gives students the chance to partner with a company or organization in the use of a highly respected framework for facilitation of change. To assure that the result is a sustainable solution, the impetus for change needs to come from the organization and be carried out by the organization. Student teams serve in a consultative capacity that can be a support to your leadership and management. Please contact us and we will connect you with appropriate faculty.

Employer roundtables

What is a roundtable discussion?

A roundtable discussion is a classic academic exercise. Designed to foster and facilitate discussion, it provides an intimate setting for students to engage in spirited debate with accomplished business professionals. Because the format allows students to showcase their critical thinking and communication skills, many employers utilize roundtables to complement their on-campus recruiting efforts.

Benefit to company:

  • Engage students in a dialogue vs. a presentation format

  • Observe students sharing their insights and thoughts and watch how they craft their arguments and share their viewpoints with a group

Benefit to students:

  • Opportunity to interact closely with company representatives

  • Affords the chance for them to distinguish themselves through their presentation skills

How much does it cost to host a roundtable discussion?

Generally speaking, there is no cost associated with hosting a roundtable. However, since many roundtables occur around lunchtime, it is common practice for the employer to provide a plated meal for the students.

Finally, we encourage companies to work in conjunction with a student club to help coordinate their visit. The Employer Relations team is more than happy to facilitate that introduction and will work your company to identify the appropriate club with which should partner. Please contact us for more information.


How do I make a reservation to interview candidates on-campus?

If you have created an account on GlobalConnect, you can follow these easy steps. Alternatively you can contact our Employer Relations team to discuss the most beneficial dates for your specific interviews.

  1. From the homepage of your GlobalConnect account, select the On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) tab

  2. Then select Request a Schedule. An easy-to-complete form will guide you through all necessary items

  3. Click Submit

  4. Upon submission, our Employer Relations team will review. You will receive confirmation or be contacted for necessary additional information.

If the date that you have requested is not available, you will be notified directly for alternative choices.

Is there a limit to the number of interview rooms I can request?

No. We are happy to make every effort to accommodate your needs for a successful interview day. 

Can I have a work room in conjunction to the interview room?

Yes. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Is there a required start and stop time for the interview day?

No. We are happy to discuss your specific needs and arrange accordingly.

How are breaks established during interview day?

We can arrange breaks in any way you request. For example: one break in the morning and one in the afternoon; a single break for lunch; a specific amount of time in between each candidate; no breaks at all, etc. Please enter your request in the Notes text box on the Interview Request Form.

How can I invite candidates to schedule an interview on the established schedule?

Once the interview schedule specifics have been finalized, you can use your GlobalConnect account to invite selected candidates to self-select an interview timeslot. We are also able to handle the invitations to candidates on your behalf, if you prefer. Please contact us for assistance.

Recruiting sessions

What is included/incorporated within a typical recruiting session?

While each recruiting session can be customized to meet the needs of individual employers, in general most include the following basic elements:

  • 1-1.5 hours in length

  • Generally, each company provides an audio/visual corporate overview to start

  • Employers usually incorporate time for questions and answers from the student audience in attendance

  • Occasionally a current employee (often an alumni) will share their experiences working in the company

  • After the official close of the session, most allow time for one-on-one questions from students

  • Refreshments are often provided by employers, and can range from full meals to light snacks

  • Often employers will also provide corporate literature or logo products to enhance brand recognition among those in attendance

To schedule a recruiting session, please contact Thunderbird’s employer relations team at employer.relations@thunderbird.edu. You can view a list of upcoming recruiting sessions on our Hire a T-bird webpage.

How do students learn about and recruiting sessions? Can employers specify who can attend?

This varies by employer, however most recruiting sessions are advertised to all full-time students. Targeted invitations to certain student groups, such as students clubs, students focusing on finance, etc. can be extended, and  if highly selective recruiting criteria is required, an invitation-only roundtable is usually the better than a recruiting session. We have found that employers tend to find the best talent by opening up their sessions to any and all interested students.

Is there a set day of the week or time of the day when recruiting sessions can be held?

No. Generally, Monday through Thursday evenings yield the best attendance, however we can work with you to find an alternate time if required. We also avoid scheduling multiple employers during the same time to avoid conflicts and allow more students to attend, so please coordinate your preferred visit with our Employer Relations team.

Are interviews also conducted during recruiting sessions?

No. Interviews should be arranged separately from recruiting sessions, however the informal interaction with students during the recruiting session may be valuable in determining who you want to schedule for a formal interview.

As an employer, am I left alone to conduct the presentation, or is someone from the school with me?

A member of the Employer Relations team will join the session and be available to help with audio/visual or other logistical needs during the session.

Must all recruiting sessions be conducted in person on the Thunderbird Campus?

No. Thunderbird allows and supports “virtual” recruiting sessions. Please contact the Employer Relations team to discuss remote/virtual recruiting sessions and interviews.

Résumé books

How do I search résumés of Thunderbird candidates?

Please note that you will need to create an account on GlobalConnect before you can search résumés.

  1. From the homepage of your GlobalConnect account, select the Résumés Books tab

  2. Select Full time or Internship

  3. A display of all candidates in that category will appear and you can review as desired

How do I search for candidates that meet my specific criteria?

Please note that you will need to create an account on GlobalConnect before you can search résumés.

  1. From the homepage of your GlobalConnect account, select the Résumés Books tab

  2. Select the Advanced Résumé Search tab

  3. Select your specific criteria and click Submit

  4. A display of all candidates in that category will appear and you can review as desired

NOTE: If your search comes back with too many candidates, please search again using more criteria to limit the results.

My search did not generate any résumés. Why?

We recommend that you start with a broader search by using only one or two search fields.  You can then narrow your search by adding additional criteria. The Résumé Text Search box is helpful to locate candidates with specific experience or skills

How can I email candidates from the résumé books?

To send an email to an individual candidate, click on his or her name.

To send an email to multiple candidates, select the box to the left of each individual name and then select the Mail to Checked tool. Complete the simple Mail Wizard form and select Continue. You can review the email and make any necessary changes, prior to sending. Click Send Messages.

To send an email to the entire list, select the “+” box at the top of the left most column. This will allow you to use the Mail Wizard form as instructed above.

NOTE: We request you do not simply contact all candidates. Please create your search to narrow down the candidate pool to potentially viable candidates you are interested in pursuing further.

How can I download résumés?

  • Select the box to the left of each candidate’s name whose résumé you want to download.  

  • Select the “Generate Book” tool.

  • Please enter a name for this publication and select Submit Request.

  • You will receive an email notification when the résumé book has been generated.

Specific criteria résumé books will be located in the Publication Requests sub-tab of Résumé Books.

Speak on campus

What options are available to host a speaker event on campus?

There are two main ways that employers can engage our student body as a campus speaker:

  1. Global Issues Forum Speakers are booked approximately 6-9 months in advance and speak on Tuesdays & Thursdays between 1:15 and 2:30pm. Global Issues Forum speakers are generally highly experienced professionals in the C-suite.

  2. Thunderbird Student Clubs and Professional Associations also seek to bring in speakers throughout the trimester.

Please contact our Employer Relations team to get more information about speaking opportunities on campus.

Student clubs 

What kinds of student clubs are available at Thunderbird?

There are more than 60 professional, regional and social clubs that actively contribute to Thunderbird’s intellectual and cross-cultural environment. Student club offerings are subject to change with every incoming class, and club leadership teams change every three months. An example of the kinds of clubs available at Thunderbird can be found on our student government & clubs webpage.

How can my company engage with Thunderbird student clubs?

Thunderbird student clubs and associations host speaker sessions, mock interviews, workshops, career-focused panel discussions, experiential learning projects, and many other activities that focus on career interests, professional development, or regional knowledge-sharing. Working with these student groups can be a valuable channel to enhance your campus brand awareness and recruiting efforts. To learn more, please contact employer.relations@thunderbird.edu