Peace Corps Partnership

Thunderbird Peace Corps’
Master’s International Partnership

Thunderbird and the Peace Corps have partnered to give students an opportunity to earn a graduate degree and serve in the Peace Corps simultaneously.  Peace Corps service can be combined with Thunderbird’s full-time Master of Arts in Global Affairs and Management (MA-GAM) program.

Thunderbird is the premier graduate school focused exclusively on global management, and is dedicated to educating global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide in the public and nonprofit as well as private sectors including in the developing world.

The MA-GAM is a 45 credit hour (four semester) program designed for individuals seeking to launch careers in international affairs including in international institutions, foreign affairs agencies, and global nonprofit organizations.   After completing three semesters at Thunderbird, the student travels to the Peace Corps location for a 27-month service contract.  After the service has been completed, the student returns to Thunderbird complete their fourth semester and final elective credits.

Why consider this opportunity?

You will gain access to Thunderbird’s Career Management Center services, vast alumni network, Peace Corps career support, and temporary Noncompetitive Eligibility status for federal employment.

  • The Peace Corps service will be included as the Global Field Project/Thunderbird Experiential Practicum (TEP) for a minimum of three or maximum of 6 credit hours of elective credit towards the participants program.
  • Thunderbird will accept the Peace Corps language certification at a level equal to or greater than the Oral Proficiency Interview administered by the Association of College Teachers in Foreign Languages (ACTFL) to satisfy the language requirement of the MAGAM program of Intermediate high in romance languages and Intermediate low in level II languages.
  • Participants are eligible for scholarships and financial support per university requirements.

Note: The Peace Corps application and selection process can take up to one year. If you are interested in taking part in this opportunity, contact your local Peace Corps Representative as soon as possible.

For more information, visit the Peace Corps’ Master’s International program home page or contact Admissions at or call +1 602 978-7100 or 800 457-6966.