Sustainable Bus Development:Costa Rica

This is a Thunderbird collaborative program offered in conjunction with INCAE, the leading Latin American business school, at their beautiful campus in Alajuela, Costa Rica. In the last two decades sustainability has gone from a fringe business issue to a central concern for corporations around the world. When managed correctly sustainability can become an important element of a company?s overall strategy. Getting sustainability wrong, however, can lead to public outcry and costly damage to corporate reputations. This distinctive program is designed to provide participants with a solid understanding of the issues surrounding sustainable development through a special emphasis on how it is being implemented in Latin America. Costa Rica is an ideal place to study sustainability. The country is characterized by impressive scenic beauty as well as social and political stability. Situated in luxuriant Central America, Costa Rica covers just 0.03% of earth?s surface yet accounts for 6% of the world's biodiversity. Besides its natural beauty, Costa Rica has been a pioneer in many sustainability initiatives including eco-tourism, bio-prospecting, social entrepreneurship, organic farming, debt-for-nature swaps, rainforest protection and sustainable business development. Through class lectures by regional experts, case discussions and simulations, the course will provide participants with an understanding of the major issues and strategic approaches for integrating sustainability concerns into business planning. In addition to class sessions, we will take field trips to important sites around the country for an up close, hands-on experience.

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