Sel Topics:Innovation and Creativity

The innovative entrepreneurial spirit, long considered a building block of the DNA for a productive economic system is also an elusive, but highly-desired element in most large, complex organizations. In seeking sustainable competitive advantage, companies know they must foster innovation, flexibility, creativity and speed within their organizations?the same strategies also likely being crafted in a garage or dorm room by some entrepreneur and future competitor.

This course focuses on the essentials needed to bring, and leverage, the important elements of into the corporate environment, or to serve as a pathway to consultancy in creativity and innovation. To make the course content practical and applicable, action and experiential learning will apply via use of guest lecturers from business, industry, case studies, real-time examples and benchmarking and identification of best practices.

To foster the processing and synthesizing of the course materials there will be a capstone exercise focused on an innovation challenge presented by a real-world company to bring into play practicality and application of the essential course concepts.

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