Personal Leadership Development

Thunderbird?s Personal and Professional Development Program is designed to enhance each participant?s leadership attributes and skills. The Program opens with assessment of learning preferences so that participants can optimize their educational experiences throughout the EMBA. In the earliest stages of the Program directed introspection, self-assessment and reflection will help participants discover and articulate their short- and long-term goals and tie those goals to a specific personal and professional development plan. Additionally, through feedback from corporate and EMBA colleagues, participants will identify strengths and areas in need of improvement to further their ascent in leadership. Throughout the EMBA experience, the Personal and Professional Development Program will expose participants to theme-based ?touch points? to optimize their individual potential, stretch their leadership capabilities and build a program of life-long learning. Varied methods of achieving this range from 360 feedback to role playing, videos/movies, virtual and in-person team support, leader-level reading, simulations, guided journaling (during international expeditions), as well as scenario and case-based discussions.

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