Org Consulting: Basics & Practicum

This is an introductory applications course exploring the profession and practice of management consulting. The narrow view of consulting is limited to the field of private sector management consulting and those firms that are dedicated to the practice. A broader view acknowledges that mastery of the skills and practices required in planning, executing, and delivering a consulting project is useful to anyone considering a career in management, whether in the private, public, or NGO sectors. The goal of this course is to provide students with an introduction to consulting as it is practiced worldwide and across sectors. Students will achieve this goal by undertaking a consulting engagement for a real-world client.
Effort will be placed on developing proficiencies in a range of skills required to practice consulting. Students will be provided an opportunity to become familiar with the typical phases in a consulting project: selling a project, entering the client firm, gathering data, diagnosing issues, implementing solutions, and leaving. The overall objectives of the course are to: 1) provide an overview of the world of management consulting; 2) provide a direct application experience; and 3) provide participants an opportunity to develop a set of skills that will add value and depth to their personal and professional capabilities.

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