Field Seminar in the United Arab Emirate

With a strategy leveraging oil wealth, entrepreneurship and geography, the UAE has emerged as a service and trade-oriented economy linking Europe, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. This course, is based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, will provide students with an understanding of where the UAE fits in this the broader pattern of development for the MENA region as a whole and will explore answers to the following questions; (i) what are the implications of important similarities and differences between the UAE and other MENA economies with regard to past and future growth prospects? (ii) what are growth and risk management strategies for business leaders and policymakers in the UAE and how do global and regional resources and networks fit into these strategies? (iii) what are key drivers of cost and profitability and where are the bottlenecks?how are they being addressed? (iv) what is the experience with entry points and strategies for value-enhancing engagement by global investors in the UAE and/or the larger regional market?

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