Entrepreneurial Financing & Forcasting

This course focuses on finance concepts as applied in the real world by entrepreneurs. From the firm perspective, the course covers topics relevant to entrepreneurial finance, including financial statements, forecasting of key financial variables, funding plans and venture capital. The course will prepare prospective general managers of entrepreneurial companies on how to make the financial decisions involved with building high-risk, high-growth enterprises. It prepares business-minded students for careers focused on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. Through the use of case study analysis, combined with readings from assigned sources and exercises, students will come to understand aspects in finance that are critical to the entrepreneurial venture. Students will be prepared to deal with the various financing and forecasting issues pertinent to closely held non-public firms. These skills are aimed at preparing the student to better deal with venture capitalists, angel investors, investment bankers, and other financial stakeholders.

This course is not offered every trimester.

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