Emerging Market Women Entre Consulting

Emerging Market Women Entrepreneurs Consulting is a course designed for students who want to get more involved in Thunderbird?s women entrepreneurs programs and in social business. Students will work with the professor to provide consulting for some of the women entrepreneurs? business plans that need further work in order to qualify for higher-level funding, like from USAID and other large funding sources. Thunderbird students will apply classroom knowledge and experiences and learn how to write and review business plans and work in multicultural student teams. They will also learn the challenges that many of our developing country women entrepreneurs face in their societies, like gender discrimination, war, threats of kidnapping targeted at themselves and their family members, work-family conflict, educational limitations, funding challenges, and limitations of physical and technological infrastructure and the supply of power. It is important for Thunderbird students to understand these challenges and learn from those who operate in such areas in order to become global leaders capable of promoting sustainable prosperity worldwide. Thunderbird students will also research sources of capital to help launch or grow these businesses. Finally, the students will learn about program management, academic direction, and how to operate such programs, from selection, to training, to outcomes ? in this case, the business plan.

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