Digital Marketing

As we take the first steps in a networked economy, the transformation of our ways of doing business has become profound. The World Wide Web, MP3 compression, digital interactive television, wireless communication, video streaming, podcasting, video sharing, thin computing, and social networks are redefining the ways we interact with customers and manage market(ing) relationships.
Global connectivity is changing the ways in which everyone lives and thinks. The advent of technologies enabling pervasive computing will give rise to a highly interconnected society that will breed unpredictable challenges and exciting changes. The ability to understand and lead in this new environment is now an essential requirement for managers regardless of their functional responsibilities.
This course is designed to provide a learning forum for students to examine the new and emerging web technologies that will drive management action in the digital economy. The course should equip students to provide leadership in leveraging web technologies for competitive advantage in the global corporation.
In the course we will examine a wide range of applications, study their characteristics, and learn from business people who are actually using or recommending the applications.

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