Consulting Peruvian Entrepreneurs

This course will take participants to Lima and Arequipa, Peru where they will work with graduates of the SWEP Business Certificate program that are currently expanding their small to medium-sized businesses. In Lima, student will receive orientation training, visit a variety of small businesses and meet with professionals involved in the women entrepreneurship in Peru. They will also interface with Thunderbird Alumni and take part in cultural experience which highlight Peru?s current business environment as it related to small and mediums sized businesses. In Arequipa, students will work with the selected women entrepreneurs. The student consulting teams will work to identify key strategic issues and help design solutions. As part of this experience the teams will visit the entrepreneurs? work places to observe and research the business. They will review financial records/documents, production processes, supplier relationships, distribution and sales efforts, and other relevant business practices. Based on this information, the teams, in conjunction with the women entrepreneurs, will develop and test specific hypotheses about how to grow and strengthen the businesses. As a final deliverable, teams will work with the women entrepreneurs to develop a presentation that communicates a revised business plan and recommends future implementation steps.

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