Career Action Networking Lab

The unique career opportunities that T-birds seek are not always available through traditional job search channels. This lab is designed to help students become more competent, proactive, and successful in this challenging job search process and is targeted toward students desirous of a more focused personal effort against their career goals. This hands-on lab builds on the CMC Seminar and relies on individual and team goal setting to help students progress through the process. During this course the students will: 1) set and track progress on specific job search goals, 2) create a personalized description of ideal career opportunities, 3) develop a list of target companies, 3) learn how to research a particular career opportunity and tailor the resume and cover letter for that specific opportunity, 4) develop and practice delivering a 30 second personal commercial, 5) engage in networking activities including requesting informational interviews, 6) practice responding to interview questions using STAR and other techniques, and 7) learn to manage a social networking presence.

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