Chase Card Services


Chase Card Services faced a quandary. Card purchases made outside of the United States would often alert the fraud division, creating unhappy customers unable to use their cards. The team needed to provide international travelers with both rigorous protections against stolen cards, and a pleasing customer experience when establishing genuine cardholder identity. Thunderbird Executive Education helped them build measurement metrics to get the job done.

Thunderbird Approach

Sundaresan Ram, Associate Professor of Global Marketing, was teaching a module on product positioning, branding, and customer experience as part of a multi-day engagement with senior leaders and high-potential employees. CEO Gordon Smith asked that the learning focus on changing the customer experience. Professor Ram collaborated with members of the fraud division to take a holistic look at how to create a better customer experience.

The Outcome:

  • A model, with shared vocabulary and measurements, was developed so that all stakeholders including: marketing, operations, and finance could work together to provide better customer support.
  • A series of metrics was developed to move away from a quantitative measurement of absolute customer calls to a qualitative one that instead promoted satisfied customer interactions.

Chase Card Services Results

The new approach attuned all members of the Chase Card Services team to the importance of cross-functional cooperation and saved the department several million dollars, without compromising the quality of the customer experience. It further established an effective way within the organization to measure success. Thunderbird also worked with the branding and communication sides of the organization to effectively message the value of this approach to the customer.