Centers for Excellence

Thunderbird Centers for Excellence

Najafi Global Mindset Institute

The Institute is home to the Thunderbird Global Mindset Inventory, the world’s first and only psychometric assessment tool that allows companies and organizations to measure their capacity for success in global environments.

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Global business programs with a global mindset

To make a difference in the world’s economy, global leaders must have access to cutting-edge research and information to guide them toward the best decisions. Who better to provide this knowledge than Thunderbird, heralded as one of the world’s leading international schools of business?

Thunderbird’s Centers for Excellence provide students, scholars and the global business community with research, knowledge and information on issues that impact business, relationships and ethics in global business transactions.

Center for Global Energy Studies

The world needs cheaper, cleaner power to ensure both ecological stability and economic prosperity. The Thunderbird Center for Global Energy Studies provides global management solutions to equip leaders with the skills and insight to address the world’s turbulent energy issues.

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Garvin Center for Cultures & Languages of Global Management

Students at Thunderbird don’t just get an education in global business, they get an immersion in it. The Garvin Center reinforces the integration of business, language and culture to grow truly effective international business leaders.

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Lincoln Center for Ethics in Global Management

Without ethics, global leadership can create economic crisis. The Lincoln Center fosters and promotes personal and professional ethics at every level.

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Thunderbird Private Equity Center (TPEC)

TPEC forges and furthers research initiatives, business connections, educational opportunities and career advancement opportunities in the global private equity arena.

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Walker Center for Global Entrepreneurship

The WCGE develops and disseminates information to encourage and support innovation and creativity amongst students and global business leaders. It is also home to the Global Financial Services Office, which provides strategic intelligence to help global business leaders make the right financial decisions to foster sustainable prosperity.

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