The Power of Understanding

Increasing Negotiation and Leadership Performance through the Power of Understanding

48 Laws of Power for 21st Century Global Negotiators

By Karen S. Walch, Ph.D.

Classical thinkers such as Machiavelli, Sun-Tzu and von Clausewitz teach “prudence, stealth, deception and total absence of mercy” in negotiation. That’s what historian Robert Greene concludes in The 48 Laws of Power (Viking Press, 1998). But as a professor of cross-cultural negotiation at Thunderbird, I have observed a new set of laws for 21st century negotiators who live and work in a global economy. Each week in the World Cafe, I will address one of my new 48 Laws of Power for 21st Century Global Negotiators. I also will provide exercises to identify and enhance your own negotiation power. If you are ready to dive in, please join the conversation. Your comments are welcome.

Series IntroductionLaw 1: Start Where You Are

Law 2: Choose a Power Performance Presence | Law 3: Embrace the Left and Right Brain | Law 4: Master Your Psychology | Law 5: Practice Emotional Intelligence | Law 6:Quarantine Against Infection | Law 7: Invest in Social Capital | Law 8: Develop Social Intelligence | Law 9: Practice Cultural Gap Analysis | Law 10: Improve Strategic Leverage| Law 11: Enhance Intelligence Collection | Law 12: Perfect Elicitation Strategies | Law 13: Improve the Past Gracefully | Law 14: Spot a Paradigm Shift

Law 15: Invest in Self-Interest | Law 16: Protect Self-Interest | Law 17: Uncover Self-Interest | Law 18: Master Self-Interest | Law 19: Trust Self-Interest | Law 20: Re-define Self-Interest

Law 21: Reengineer Tactics | Law 22: Respond to Tactics | Law 23: Identify Narcissists’ Tactics | Law 24: Adopt Aikido Tactics | Law 25: Train Mental Tactics | Law 26:Practice Counter Tactics | Law 27: Define Shapeshifting Tactics | Law 28: Explore Forgiveness Tactics

Law 29: Maximize Your Leverage | Law 30: Leverage Negotiation Basics | Law 31: Leverage Social Engagement Skills | Law 32: Acquire Power and Leverage | Law 33:Redefine Leverage

Law 34: Assess Integrative Options | Law 35: Identify Integrative Strategies | Law 36: Expand the ZOPA | Law 37: Anchor the Potential | Law 38: Yield to the Standard

Law 39: Know the Triggers | Law 40: Design the Best and Worst Case | Law 41: Attend to Your Rights | Law 42: Observe the Rights of Others | Law 43: Challenge the Power of Coercion

Law 44: Design the Right Architecture | Law 45: Design Negotiation Architecture | Law 46: Unleash Human Potential | Law 47: Design for Both Rights and Interests | Law 48:Design a Plan to Win