Peering into the Liquid Crystal Display: How will we rent movies in the future?

Crystal BallA corporate strategy article by Thunderbird students A. Andrikopoulos, L. Del Bianco, S. Golliher, I. Perez and K. Singh

As the movie rental industry evolves, what’s next for movie rental kiosks?

How many Americans have never seen a movie with a crystal ball or some tea leaves? Movies are replete with clairvoyant seers peering into the future. Harry Potter’s Professor Trelawney predicts the eventual demise of Voldemort or Harry. Precogs in the Minority Report have visions of crimes before they happen. Sandra Bullock’s character in Premonition is forewarned of her husband’s imminent death with lifelike visions. The companies that rent these same movies could certainly use such tools and talents to fully understand the future of the movie rental industry which has drastically changed in the last few years with the advent of recent technological advances for online streaming.

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